Thanks to Ms. Gemma Cruz Araneta

Ms. Araneta has recently posted an email of mine early this year in her popular blog site (here). I’ve reported on this last April – what happened to the former wooden school house of Maestro Cruz was terrible but not surprising.

The municipal government of Biñan should take the initiative and restore the old school, they could highlight the importance of education in their municipio by doing this. The great Rizal once studied in their backyard, what a shame that nothing has been done to preserve the school where it stand.

It should be restored, even a replica would inspire Filipino students who would want to see the place where Rizal was first formally educated. Even now, history student would visit the place and be disappointed by its current state (its also inside a compound, if you want to see it you would have to be content perching at a wall to take a peek).

The former tourism secretary is a relative of Rizal, she told me that she has already requested someone to look into this. Although admittedly there is not much that can be done to salvage whats left but it would be interesting if the towns stakeholders can recreate the small house like the one in Dapitan – it would be a fitting tribute to the importance of early education which what the rich town of Biñan was known for during those days.

Many thanks to Ms. Gemma.


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