Moral acquitted of pilferage charge (update)

The court has recently decided that the person who is charged of loathing our national library has been found not guilty. The researcher a certain Mr. Bayhon who is still at large is the only person who has been convicted of pilferage in this decade long marathon court battle – with a 7 to 10 year sentence. Too bad his not in the prison to serve it.

Moral, the library exec then was acquitted last Thursday because of what the court judged as Moral having no ‘intent’ to steal. Well, Bayhon was caught with the documents that was supposed to be kept safe by Moral – so who is at fault here?

Now, all that I know here is based on the news that I’ve been following for sometime now – so yes, I’m not a court expert but I’ve always sided with reason. Too bad that this things has to happen but I remain convinced that our nation has to held Moral accountable – she cant get off the hook that easy! When a jailbreak takes place, the warden gets it – its his watch. Its that simple!

Now, here’s what we have in our hands: the accomplice is still at large and the highest exec that we could convict and set out as an example has been acquitted, what’s next?

Stealing is everywhere, it breaks my heart that the people who are suppose to care for this invaluable records of our great history is the one putting a price tag on it. I’m sure this enterprising individuals have a good background in our nations past, but money comes first for this people. In the US there were similar cases so I’m not really so surprised that we’ll be encountering thieves in our archives – I’m hoping that this would be the last instance but with this acquittal and the loose penalty we have for this crimes I’m afraid we’ll be reading about this in the future again. Sadly, history will repeat itself.

What’s depressing about all of this is that most people who are out to get this documents from this shadowy dealers are history lovers too, I know that they understand the importance of heritage and it could be their simple desire to touch and feel this pieces that brought them to purchase this treasures past. I can only imagine how it feels reading letters penned by the giants of our history – that’s really something for history crazy people like me but this pieces does not belong to any private collectors they belong to our people. Tempting as it is buying from them encourages them, historians are the one who created this black market.

Read Aries Rufo’s follow up article here


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