As we close the month of June

I would be switching to a new blog design, hopefully my visitors (I believe most are friends and relatives!) will like the new look.

The reason for the change is that the old platform does not provide that many widgets. This are the stuff that makes the site more accessible and easier to navigate.

Plus I wanted to personalize the banner(yes, I’m some sort of a ‘digital artist’, I make banners for free!); green is the theme, it symbolize the nation. The silhouette of my contemplative walk, tells of my attempt to review our real past.

Overall the site should be better than the last one. I love the look of the last design because it was simple, but I guess I’m sticking with this new thing.

I was teased by a friend, he was sarcastically asking if people are reading blogs with topics like ‘Rizal’ & ‘Bahay na Bato’ etc etc… you would be surprised my friend that there are people who actually do! they are not in the millions, but I hope they would increase in number in the future.

I just want to up the awareness level, it does not really matter to me if I do it one mind at a time. As long as there’s someone interested in reading my take on our history, I’m good with that.

For the last 3 months that I’ve been uploading entries regularly I had some decent numbers here, they are pretty small but I’m happy with this petite figures. I think a little over a thousand visitors (hits), I’m not sure if wordpress is counting my visits, if yes I might have accounted for the half of it!

I’m happy to see the increasing numbers of travel blogs, this bloggers are contributing in their very creative ways in promoting our historical sites, which is very admirable. I’ve actually gone out on excursions after reading some this blogs, they are truly inspiring. That’s the power of one, my friends.

Naturally, if people are aware of a structures historical value they tend to look after it, which is what, I think, everybody wants. I don’t consider mine a travel blog (I’ve been ranting this past few days about stuff as you can see) since I rarely travel due to lack of funds and time, but let me tell you that traveling around would’ve been more difficult without this travel blogs.

More to come in the coming months! God bless y ‘all!


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