Godfather for the second time around

St James

I would like to thank my friend, JJ and his charming wife, Maybelle for allowing me to be one of the godfather of their little princess, Zoë Isabel.

Obviously, a Catholic, I have a soft spot when it comes to this kind of events. Its a special one since it’s a sacrament, a very traditional rite that I always cherish for it reminds me of the love and compassion of our Lord.

This marks the day that their child has entered the Catholic faith and I’m proud that I was part of it all. May it be a fruitful journey for this beautiful child of theirs.

It was unusually warm for an afternoon at this time of the year, the sun was up but it was cloudy. This is the first time I visited this beautiful church of St. James, so there was a lot of things new to me.

Zoe's baptismal

The baptismal rite was solemn and was very meaningful, in life and in spirit, as it was discussed during the seminar for the parents. Being a godfather is an experience since its an obligation as a follower of the church, I’ve been taught to held it seriously by my parents – my Nanay would always say prayers for her inaanaks during mass, I guess that compensates on her inability to give monetary gifts during Christmas time! – Zoë would always be in my prayers from now on, just like my Nanay – it would be my way of compensation!

There was a lovely diner at a posh restaurant in Alabang, Poquito I believe was the name – they serve traditional Spanish cuisine, very good serving. The meal was great! It was heavy – but I like it that way.

Welcome to the Catholic fold, Zoë!

Raf,JJ,Arnaldo,Pepe,Jaycee and Levi

I’m really poor at finding directions, and I did for awhile got lost trying to find the church of St. James in Ayala  Alabang.

The Village has very good security, well if you have high profile people living inside you must have good people manning the watchtower. I heard Pres. Ramos lives there.

Entering Ayala Alabang can be an intimidating experience, I’m just not used to seeing huge houses with multiple cars on the garage. The only people you see walking around in Ayala Alabang are maids who walks those expensive dogs, if not that, residents who seems to struggle trying to get fit by jogging and biking with their ipod’s on.

The rich people are always inside – their houses or their expensive cars, they could be seen outside, but one should go to the Ayala Town Center. My trip here displayed before my eyes a world of difference from the usual scenes of shoebox houses and squatter neighborhoods I pass by whenever I drive to the office.


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