Father Galende and his wonderful books

With Padre Galende

I caught up with Fr. Galende here, I told him that I wanted his autograph but I can’t afford his books! promising once I saved enough money I’ll get a copy and look for him.

He said with a big smile, “you can always pay me in installments!”

He then told me that he’ll sign a copy of mine in a heartbeat, anytime!


The PHILIPPINE CHURCH FACADE, is such fine book, especially for those who are big fans of baroque churches and old architecture in the land. It contains invaluable background information of when and how this beautiful churches was founded.

One of the books photographer, a blogmate here in the site, is the creator of the blogsite, simbahan.net – great photo guy, Estan. You gotta see his works to admire it.

Fr. Galende has spoke about a second volume for the FACADE’s, since there are still hundreds of old churches out there that was not covered in his book. He also hinted working on a feature book on “retablos”, now that would be an interesting one.

Angels in Stones

For those who is not familiar with Fr. Pedro Galende, aside from being an author and an Augustinian priest (his other book “Angels of Stone”), he is currently the director of the San Augustin Museum, I believe he’s been a Philippine resident for more than two decade now, I just read very recently that he has an MA in English and a PHd in Philo. He speaks perfect english!

One of the people I truly admire, staunch defender of our Filipino heritage, very active in the promotion and of the preservation of cultural and heritage sites. He would always insist to call the style of this old churches as Filipino not Spanish or Mexican, like the other books would put it. For him this creation are uniquely Filipino.

His advocacy is truly inspiring, whenever he speaks about our culture & heritage, he would always do so by using “our”, addressing it as one of us. He has embraced our nation as if it was his, we are lucky to have this guy around.

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