Los Baños’ Poblacion

I was corresponding with Traveler on foot about the historic town of Los Baños, he told me to post it on the net so people would know, he is much better at this, hands down.

Here is my shot at photo slash travel blogging!

Agua Santas stone road that leads to the lake. During the WWII, the Americans made this a make shift hospital, later they recreated the old baths. It is now abandoned.

Although this looks like a modern structure, its foundation and its walls(some of it) are said to be as old as the town. It is said that this is where the town was founded, for this is the site where the Friars built the first ever bath, their Los Baños.

The Oldest church in town, the Immaculate Concepcion church. It has been renovated many times; its façade (front part) is the only remnants of the original.

Paciano Rizal's Grave, he was buried in his garden.

The facade of Paciano's humble house.

View from the Municipio terrace.


3 responses to “Los Baños’ Poblacion

  • nold

    Don – They say wordpress is far superior that blogger – because you get more control over your site, i think, thats true hehehe lipat ka na wordpress! 🙂

    I love UPLB – its a good thing that its pretty close here in San Pedro.

    Traveler – I mainly travel for spiritual purpose, parang everytime I go to this places I feel like I’m getting closer to answering my questions about who we really are. I rarely would go traveling for pleasure.

    Hope you get to see Los Banos – I know you plan to visit UPLB’s grounds, don’t forget about the town’s poblacion.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t get to speak with any of Paciano’s relatives, its a good thing that they preserved that house. Hindi lang siya open, you would have to ask permission to go in.

  • Traveler on Foot

    Thanks for sharing about Los Banos Arnold.

    As I mentioned to you yesterday, places that speaks loudly about our heritage and history as a people should not be kept silent. We should keep promoting them and make all information accessible to those who wish to learn about being Fiipino.

  • Don

    Wow, ok ang pag-publish ng photos sa wordpress a… pwede ang captions! Parang di pwede sa blogger yun.

    I remember seeing some old pictures of the UPLB campus at this cafe on top of PNB (I forget the name of the cafe, sorry). It was interesting seeing those old pictures: the colleges then were made of huts and wood, not much cement; and there was so much space! Those were the days…

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