Fire in Carriedo and an old picture never found

I took some photos of the Carriedo fire (Avenida Rizal corner Bustos), which destroyed the Good Earth store. There was black smoke all over the place. I heard that the LRT coaches were stranded that day, electricity in the vicinity gone for a few hours, traffic re -routed but I was surprised that few people minded the chaos. Stores were open surrounding its area, people were walking and shopping – it is as if there was no danger present from the fire and the thick black smoke.

Only in the Philippines!

Look at the family on the right side (pedicab), enjoying their moments amidst the raging fire less than a block away!

Good Earth! on Fire!


I was walking the streets of Manila the day when this fire took place, I don’t have much to do lately but study and treat myself with this leisurely walks. Its good exercise you know.

The purpose of this particular trip was to look for a photo studio where my father had a picture of him in an Americana suit, he was still a binata when it was taken. He was a handsome mestizo (I can’t figure out why I am not!) and he had this show business aura, he was a looker! This was probably the reason why the studio owner used his photo as a display (without his permission!). So the first thing you would notice when you enter this shop is his blown up picture, ala Pancho Magalona.

Unfortunately, due to bad memory he cannot name the place, he gave me a big area to cover, but that’s cool with me since I love to walk anyways. There was this one place near Quaipo church, but that was not it – we had a portrait there as a family.

He only found out about this from a relative. He never saw it personally. Inspired by this story, I tried looking for the photo studio around Carriedo, Sta. Cruz and Quiapo area; unfortunately I did not find it. It was later that I realized that this old studios are probably been out of business for sometime due to the new technology of digital photography or its possible that they’ve converted their business to one. Throwing away the old photos that once decorated their small shops.

Things I do to satisfy my cravings for the past!


4 responses to “Fire in Carriedo and an old picture never found

  • nold

    It could be anywhere, my father was only 14 (or 15) then but he was, according to him ‘already a man’! he was tall and well built (he worked at the pier – child labor!).

    one day I might stumble upon it in an antique shop where they sell old anonymous portraits and photos. Who knows!

  • Traveler on Foot

    But I hope that you don’t give up your search Arnold. You’ll never know. As travelers, Serendipity is always on our side. Good luck!

  • Don De Alban

    Wow, malawak din yung Carriedo and Quiapo area ba! Mas matindi pa ikutin kung umuulan.Pero astig yung quest, parang detective in search of something. Any other clues or leads to help you find the missing photo?

  • rina

    sayang yung photo!

    but yeah, that was really a pretty big place to cover 🙂

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