Gone Writing

Pepito, Mayor Cataquiz, Ms. Yatco of Biñan & me

Pepito, Mayor Cataquiz, Ms. Yatco of Biñan & me

I’ve been busy writing and researching this past few days, which should explain my absence here. We recently got together with the Mayor of San Pedro to discuss some literature that he would want to be printed for the upcoming town fiesta next year.

The Mayor must have been impressed with our presentation that he bought right into it, adding another piece, his biography.

All this has been consuming my free time, of which I have plenty since I’m currently without work. I find joy in reading and writing so I really can’t complain.

My friend Pepe is pretty hyped with the developments but I have been very critical with the good Mayor ‘s concept on how the finish work should look like. The fact that there were signs that the work would be edited only added to my paranoia.

But there is nothing more I could ask for from the good Mayor – he was very humble, kind and accommodating,  he speaks to us as if we were old friends. His confidence in us is something that I truly appreciate.

Since I’m more of a visual artist, I rely on Pepe adding the artistic touch on the project, since he has been trained in creative writing and had good exposure working with some of the  well known contemporary historical writers. He also edits the draft that we both make.

I have written a lot of materials now that I’m beginning to worry if this would ever get printed as it is, will it see the light of dawn? This is the question I ask myself. And if it does would we still be able to recognize it?

Since we don’t have a written commission, everything is on air; no contract means no bond for both parties. The slightest dissatisfaction on the other side could pull the plug out and end this project.

In his deathbed, Balagtas cursed his craft and cried, “cut the hands of my son’s if they follow my footsteps”, an accomplished writer, who gained popularity together with all the misfortune life could give a man. His only crime was that he loved, and he wrote.


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