El Madrid de Filipinas

A member from Circulo Hispano Filipino shared this link. Its a popular Metro TV ad from Spain.

Some Filipinos felt that the ad was insulting (I’m not sure why), Filipinos can be overly sensitive. I remember an American actress making a comment that Manila was dirty and unsafe, well, she got her ass banned for life by the officials of the ‘ever loyal’ city, persona nongrata for you.

If there’s one thing we hate, that’s telling us what we already know.

Madrid, Surigao actually exist (Population approx. 15,000), and yes some of those guys are Filipino actors (Ronny Lazaro) but if there is one thing I’m not in agreement with who ever made this commercial is that they shot it in Viecong country. It must be cheaper there anyway.


11 responses to “El Madrid de Filipinas

  • jose

    I have wached it and I find it very charming. It is interesting to note that the visitor did not appreciate the Cibeles fountain or the Prado Museum (there is nothing similar in Rich America or in Europe anyway). They appreciate what we call “progress” and a Filipino would call “americanization!. !New things ¡ !out with the past ¡ even if the past are masterworks. Like youngsters everywhere in the world.
    I do not see it “insulting ” . The tube is better than the one in London -and much more reliable too-.
    But my comment is not about the advertisment. It is about exploiting connections: Why the madrileños from Filipinas do not take advantage of Madrid from Spain in the form of study grants, tourism, craft training…? Madrid has 3 M of inhabitants with a big revenue compared to Madrid Surigao.
    Is there something that the madrileños can do for the madrileños in order that they can have a better live ?
    I wish to the madrileños from Surigao all the best.
    It is a big honour to us that we share the same name

  • AnnaMendovea


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  • paul

    thanks for visiting and for the link. i’ll link you up, too. 🙂

  • Levi

    Great stuff pare ko!

  • nold

    Traveler – I was reading the comments in Youtube, ang daming galit! whats wrong with this peeps!

    And yes, Junix & Ronny are the best actors we have around, topnotch artist!

    Paul – It was great of you to visit , you have a great blog there, I love it. Voy a poner su blog en mi site. Gracias!

  • Traveler on Foot

    I don’t see anything wrong in this ad. For one thing, it shows Filipino value of Bayanihan or community spirit.

    It is creatively done.

    International stage actors Junix Inocian played the lead. He is Kuya Mario in Batibot and one of the first the Filipino actors to play the role of the Engineer in the highly acclaimed Broadway musicale Miss Saigon.

  • paul

    hi, there. stumbled upon this blog. very nice.

    i also found out about this ad (and made a post about it back in april). i agree. there was nothing offensive about it. you do have a point there about filipinos becoming furious when told about the things (usually the bad things) that they already know.

  • nold

    G – It was fun. It was not degrading at all as some suggested, that’s how the countryside is suppose to look like here anyway (too bad it was shot in Vietnam, kumita pa sana yung mga kababayan natin sa Madrid, Surigao).

    The Filipino choco bars are ok with me, I don’t even know why Filipinos gets offended by them. Siguro nga talaga ‘balat sibuyas’ tayo. I never heard of the French complaning why those fried potatoes are called French ^_^

    JVC – Como esta! It was a cool concept hands down. Spanish people in general are excited to know more about us, so I guess the producer had that in mind when he made this.

    Hey Joe – Well Filipinos gets easily offended, even if what is being told is true. Yes, Junix Inocian the batibot guys, thanks!

  • Joe Narvaez

    Hi Nold! I was not offended. In fact, I think the ad is cool… and good for the Filipino actors who were paid to do it. Seeing Junix reminded of the Batibot days hehe.

  • J.Villanueva Cabrera

    Isn’t this commercial amazing? For me this commercial reinforced the relationship between Spain and Philippines.

  • G

    LOL! I thought it was hilarious. I can see why it can be offensive to others–viewers who have never been to the Philippines might think Filipinos are ignorant and backward as the commercial portrays. However if you look at it in a different angle, this could actually be good for Philippine tourism.

    Kinda reminds me of the chocolate bar in Spain called Filipinos. Wasn’t it in trouble too some years ago because the Philippine government said it was insulting? I actually took a photo of it. I picked it up from a store in Seville. See pic: http://a6.vox.com/6a00cdf7f14313094f00fa967db58e0003-pi

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