Some hate mail

I was reading my blog comments when I found this colorful shout out from a certain “M.T. Inocencio” , he said, “you write poorly”, he continues, “your understanding of history is also suspect, where did you learn this view that Spaniards created the…” well, let me stop it here ( we all know what the next lines would sound like).

Sir, or Ma’am or then again you could be a Sir and a Ma’am in one body. I’m a novice writer, and I must admit that, yes, I do write amateurishly – and I thank you for reminding me but please don’t tell me that I got my education from“…some 2nd rate university with ill trained professors.” for this insults those great college history professor’s I had. Iba-iba ang turo nila. I respectfully disagreed with most of them but I appreciated all of them, now you, your probably an old egoistic man, your heart is full of hate and regret, you would gain nothing from dismissing up and coming young historians, remember you’ll not be around forever.

This was a long and boring ‘comment’ from someone who doesn’t even have the courage to properly identify himself, I decide not to publish it because I don’t want to encourage this persons behaviour.

I’m not publishing this Inocencio comments, because:

First, this cabron never gave me a legit email address (I’m sure he invented his name too!), the email add he gave was bogus (I sent a reply and my email host just kept sending it back) Second, his comment was a novel, its just too long (but I’m flattered that someone would even bother to write something that long attacking this fairly new site!) and there’s nothing on it but deconstructive criticism, a bunch of stuff that really serves no purpose. I would’ve appreciated it if he came up with something like, say, “you suck but continue writing, you’ll get there”, or maybe not. Third and last is he’s right when he mentioned something about ‘wrong grammars’ and ‘ugly writing’, I’m afraid that there’s some truth to this. But hey man, let me say, noted. ^_^

In the past I’ve posted comments that were rather harsh and very critical of my stance but I published them anyway because they take on what I had to say on the post that they happen to disagree with – there’s something that  readers can take out of their commentary, such criticism is worthy of space in this small website of mine. i would be the first to admit if I made a mistake and there were times that I did. This openness is good, and I’ve always considered myself a student first, and a student must accept learning from mistakes.

But there are those who would write just to prove that their smarter, arguments for the sake of arguing. Ego tripping lang. As long as comment have some “information” value its ok but if their just out to prove their far more superior, nah I’d rather not put their comments on. I’m dunking their post straight to the bin!


6 responses to “Some hate mail

  • nold

    I don’t really discourage any negative feedback, I just want to make it clear. Huwag lamang ang mga pagyayabang lamang at wala naman talagang kinalaman sa sujeto, huwag naman sana ganoon. Si Mr. Inocencio kasi nagbibida-bidahan na apo daw siya ng “martyr of Philippine revolution” ayaw naman magpakilala, parang dahil sa talino at linyahe niya meron na siyang “monopoly” sa historia ng Filipinas. Salamat sa lahat!

  • Levi

    Disregard that person’s comments pare, he might’ve been really sad. Just do what you love doing, I love what you write and naiintindihan ko lahat ng sinusulat mo. Cowards never present their true identity, hayaan mo lang panyero makakarma din yan.

  • the showroom manager

    hi nold, the nasty comments don’t deserve to be dignified. keep on writing and ignore the critics.

  • nold

    I’m never a conscious writer, perhaps I should be. Joe your right that this mistakes “are one of those banes”… I wish I could do better. I’m flattered actually that someone like this guy(?) would laugh at my writing, only goes to show he’s reading me! wow!

    Well, Pepe I hope you get your english blog up – kasi ako lang nagsusulat ng sa Ingles na naiiba ang pananaw sa historia kaya ako napagkakatuwaan nito mga ito hehehe!

    Pero sa totoo lang ako’y natutuwa sa mga ganyang klaseng mga tao.

  • Joe Narvaez

    Well said Nold!! I guess this is one of the banes when we publish our thoughts. We are not perfect but nobody has the right to send us trash. Keep on learning and show ’em!

  • Pepe Alas

    No te preocupes, hombre. Even Rizal’s novels were not spared by attacks from notable Spanish grammarians.

    It’s not the grammar that counts here, but the content. As long as everybody understands what you’re trying to convey, I don’t see any problem here, really. If the content is incomprehensible, of course that will pose a quandary. If you were writing a thesis, perhaps, then it’s time to polish up.

    For crying out loud, dear readers, Arnaldo’s not a fictionist but a historian. And spare the ad hominems. That will not create a healthy debate.

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