Pacman and his Politicos

Pacquiao comes home like one of those successful ancient general, fresh from conquering new lands for the empire.

He’s indeed a hero to the Filipino – with all the bad things that has been going on, he provides us with the much needed hope; he inspires even the poorest of our kababayan to dream. He unites Filipinos, even for just an hour, or when he goes around waving his hand on top of a truck, seeing him makes us all feel one, everyone seems to connect – who would’ve thought that a once poor Mindanao native could project the best qualities of a Filipino to the world.

As that arrogant, all knowing, spikey haired broadcaster said after the bout, “and sarap maging Filipino”. That’s how most of us felt.

Just a few months ago, there was some stupid congressmen who planned to pass a resolution or some crap to ban Pacquiao from fighting the bigger ala-adonis latino boxer turned singer turned promoter slash boxer, De La Hoya. They were contending that since Pacquiao is a national treasure, it was their job to protect him. WTF!?! I wonder where are they now, these nutless monkeys.

Politicos in our country would do anything to get some media mileage, from stirring senseless issues to having some useless TV shows that would probably get them some viewers that could recognize them sometime in the future if ever they become senatorial candidates. Nobody’s really surprise, as if politics in our country could get any lower.

Just over a month ago, the young Bautista boxer, once called the next Pacquiao, the talented boy lost to an unheralded latino foe. It must’ve been devastating for the once promising pugilist, I was quite surprised that the bout did not had the same unanimous support we generously give to our fighting warriors abroad, well, of course Pacman would draw more, after all he’s Pacquiao. So, I must be comparing a man from a boy but the kid needed some backing, no one was there for him but his clueless manager and corner who mistakenly pitted the young man to a dangerous veteran journeyman. Tough luck.

After doing some research, the poor Boom-Boom has been losing quite a few matches in his last outings. He was undefeated for so long, he once starred as the main bout, now I doubt it if he could even land a supporting bout for the big fights. No congressman, no nut hugging Atienza or Singson or kabayan here, no support even from celebrity Filipino boxing fans and media, the fallen boxer needs to start winning again or else he’s in danger of being forgotten.

Another fighter, another story.


That 2 time world champ who once put us on the edge of our seats, that guy who once made us – ‘proud Filipinos’?

He’s doing some security personnel work and some other part time job in the morning  somewhere in Cali I heard. He even had to beg to be given tickets to watch the past Pacquiao fight for he can’t afford to buy a good seat, man, life’s tough for this old boxers.

I remember, back in the days, even Prez Ramos would go watch the ‘Lindol’. I saw him Espinosa in the mid 90’s he was mobbed for autographs, he occasionally gets dragged for a picture – I was told that the man he was with was a Governor, I’m sure some other VIP’s tagging along, he was a star. Now, he’s lucky if he gets any visits from friends during his late night shifts.

Everybody loves a winner, they say – so in our land, before you get attention, before you get funded, you have to prove yourself first. There is no such thing as sport development in our country, only celebrities that has managed to create something out of their hard work and luck. Now if your someone like Pacquiao, you get all the politicians inside you pockets, I bet good money that if Pacman want those desperate politician to play monkey they will but – if your some unknown skilled boxer, in your teens, chances are you’re not going to make it – the odds is staggering. With the level of talent we have, how many Brandon Vera or Pacman we have?

Even Pacquiao knows this sad reality, in an interview with a US sports network he said, “I know how it feels not to eat… boxing was my way out” , and here he is with the politicians responsible for making his province crawl, at least they will be making the man do the peace dealing for them, (not too sure if that a good idea – but Manny is a winner, you can’t argue with success right, so some people believe that he could win peace too?)

So, while they continue to starve and drain the resource of that island known for its promise, they get some good publicity by embracing this son of Mindanao – in fairness to Pacman, he really has a genuine heart for his beloved province – so he could be using the attention to get the government to do its job in the impoverished island. He’s also doing something concrete out of his own pocket, he now runs a free boxing gym with all the facilities for young kids in his town.

Government of course does not have any interest in these things, they see an opportunity in Pacquiao – and they’re grabbing it whiles it last.

Pacquiao would definitely be used for political purposes (I believe the politicos around him are doing it now), he’s influential, he’s a proven winner, a media darling – who wouldn’t want to be with him?

Of course the politicos are just proud to be with the living Filipino hero!

So while DENR bigman Atienza parades Pacquiao in his Manila, hoping that the Pacquiao magic could revive their political career in the ever loyal city, where his young boy miserably lost an election, somewhere in Zambales a mountain was lost – with the use of bulldozer and dynamites, a once flourishing mountain, a source of livelihood among the poor inhabitant (they watch their mountain pushed to the sea, they could not go close to the operation, if they do –they risk getting shot, not by security guards but Army conscripts!), was levelled for mining purposes, upon checking some DENR officials claims to have made a mistake in handing out clearance to operate.

One more fighter. The other man from Gen Santos.

Naverette was Pacquiao decades ago, he was boxing king! He would be paraded, interviewed nonstop and worshipped by provincial politicos. When he lost his boxing glitter, he lost everything- his family and his money, of course without money – some of (or most) of the once best buddies goes out with it. He now walks the streets drunk, shirtless, penniless and chances are we’ll hear his name again in national TV, dead (he was stabbed several times already). No congressman, no nuthuggin’ Atienza and Chavit here, he’s chicken shit now you see.

Of all the fighters that got big, Elorde is an exception. He was uneducated but he had the biggest heart, his very smart too like what we see now in Pacquiao – unlike Navarette and Espinosa, he was well taken care of. His handler did a pretty well job, seeing to it that he goes out to the sunset with enough money. He married his handlers daughter, he was with the right people.

I hope that the native brown bomber, Pacman, this national pride of ours would realize that he’s better off in the boxing business (or showbiz since I heard he’s fond of boobsy leading ladies) and that he could help his impoverished town by just being the great boxer that he is. He should learn from the likes of once sporting hero, Jawo, who after leaving the hoop world and getting his ass elected as Mr. Senador top notcher, was forgotten midway his term, he found out later that he was a basketball guy not a politico and that he’s better off elbowing his opponents in the face and coaching his players in his ‘wala ng isip isip’ way, politics is not for everyone. Last time I saw Jawo was when he was defending his son for carrying fire arms, his son was allegedly shooting rats.

What is it in politics that makes it hard to resist?

Sometimes power and money is nothing compared to the ability of a man to inspire his people – and Pacman doing it right now. There will be more Pacquiao, he’s just the beginning.


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