My New Years Eve and my Hopes for the New Year!

Happy New Year from the Lion City

Happy New Year from the Lion City

We woke up early today [Dec 31 2008] to shop for some foodie stuff for the new year celebration later, we Filipinos must have our ‘media noche’ food [It’s not a maligayang bagong taon without it], yes, even in foreign lands we do keep our traditions alive but here they have not heard of the five stars, kuwitis, watusi, sawa and bawang – these explosive devices are our versions of the old Chinese firecrackers, the only difference is, ours is the disfiguring kind.

At the grocery, I purchased the usual rounded fruits [it must be bilog! They will bring me money for 2009, yes!] I remember that these fruits is a must have back home, my mother told me that it represents a bountiful harvest, something that we should be hoping for the next year. I hope it’ll do the trick for ’09!

Back home I started to cook some pasta, the end product was rather sweet, well, I like nectarous eats anyway so I’m happy with it. I also placed some money on the table for additional luck. With all the troubling news I’ve been hearing lately, I think we all could use some more [and more!] luck this coming year.

We went to church afterward; it’s pretty close to where we live so we left the house at 10:00 for the 11:45 morning mass. Upon reaching the Novena church, I saw countless monobloc chairs, in red and white, scattered all over the place, after the mass it was announced that there will be a pre New Year mass at 2345, I heard that such a celebration is popular here.

For this final day of 2008, I prayed for our nation to heal, right now we are broken but I have no doubt in my heart that we will improve, yes, life’s getting hard for the average Filipino; it’s getting tough out there but if we could work together and look out for each other, things will get better!

For 2008 and 2009:

It was this year that I started to blog, I never really thought that I would be running the site this long but I really enjoy writing here and seeing many people visit the site is flattering, even if they end up disliking the stuff that I post [including my faulty grammars and misspelled words!], it makes no difference to me, I consider them all my friends! I wish everyone here the best!


I wish everyone a happy new year, the prospect for the year 2009 they say is not good, but what the heck, nothing gets in the way of the Filipino! We are the happiest people on the earth! They say that jobs would be lost [and all the blah blah’s], the heck! I have a friend that doesn’t even have the job, never had one since we graduated 2003! And he’s happy! Living with his mom and dad. Moral lesson is enjoy life, the challenge is finding happiness, finding joy, ending our hateful ways!

Let’s be happy, Filipino!

Happiness and Prosperity!

Prospero Nuevo Ano!


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