Ka Gullas Gullas!

The foolish Gullas bill, which intends to make English the only language left standing in our educational system is not only brainless but dangerous!

Whatever is left of Tagalog, should be kept and used in schools – it justly belongs to us, we should continue to honor it and study in its untainted form [which is not being done since the Tagalog was replaced by Filipino as a subject], eliminating the little Tagalog in our schools would mean death to this already barely identifiable language.

Making English the compulsary language of instruction in all school level is unfair to the Filipino!

This would only further weaken, not only Tagalog, but the other major local languages we have.

Tagalog has been battered by a series of attempts to reestablish it as the state language – which not only proved to be disastrous, it end up breaking it into what we have now, they had successfully corrupted it beyond recognition. The Taglish and Filipino, both discredits the original Tagalog, its nowhere near the Tagalog of Balagtas.

The solution that our brilliant officials together with their gangs in the academia was the making of the modern “Filipino”, which they assert to be rooted in the classic “Tagalog”, this and that forgotten invention of Lope K. Santos’ [in 1930’s], the Balarila, were nothing more but attempts of introducing an made-up language to serve their biased political agendas.

The reforms later on, led to the institution of Filipino during a series of  a mess we call Constitutional Assembly’s, as the official language, it not only ruined the beautiful Tagala language but buried it for good. Now, as if it was not enough – the Gullas of this world wanted to make English THE offcial language in our school!

State laws have the power to change the future. The laws we created then, sentenced the Tagalog and Spanish languages to its termination, we might not notice it at first but once in effect, it would increasingly detach local languages from the hearts  and minds of the Filipino, a people that should’ve been enhanced by its gifts but ended up being deprived by such irresponsible laws. This mind-boggling bill of Gulla would slay whatever it is that remains in our Tagalog language. When lost, we would not be able recover, what we know little of Tagalog would vanish and be gone forever.


7 responses to “Ka Gullas Gullas!

  • adaengkantada

    hmm… medyo late na yata itong sagot ko…. pero mukhang buhay pa ang thread na ito…. nakakalito talaga ang gullas bill. sa isng banda makikitang maganda dahil gagawin DAW nitong globally competitve (meaning, ingleserong export commidty) ang mga PInoy. pero kaalinsabay, hindi nito tinutukoy na ang problema ay nasa sistema ng edukasyon mismo, nasa kalidad ng edukasyon na ibinibigay sa mga bata at maging sa mga guro. yung ang problema na dapat pagtuunan ng pansin ng mga nasa kongreso at senado, at hindi kung paano makakapagsalit ng mahusay na english ang isang mangmang.

    • nold

      There’s no problem with learning new languages, English is good, learning new language broadens our mind, widens oppurtunities, makes us better – borders are slowly diminishing, we need to get global or be left behind, but this Gullas law discourages instruction in local languages – this is not good. What happen to the Spanish language is a great example – those who studied the systematic abolition of this language would know that it would happen again this time with our small languages, actually its already taking place .

      We don’t have an effective curriculum that would ensure that our local languages would remain strong, how many languages have lost? look at Pangalatok and the other small languages in the south, we should be looking into these issues more than ensuring English usage in schools, because English will always be with us but our languages would not if we’ll just focus on English.

  • euskadi ta askatasuna

    So he’s a Visayan. Well then, I wouldn’t blame him; the Visayans generally have a disdain for Tagalog. The problem with Tagalog is that we’ve tried to use as an anchor for Filipino identity. And failed.

  • euskadi ta askatasuna

    Just an observation, why on earth are you writing Tagalog in Spanish orthography?

  • nold

    Joe – I used to be a contact centre supervisor, we had this rule on the floor, “English Only”, if employees are caught speaking Tagalog, we discipline them by handing out memos, recurring offense could lead to termination. Imagine being reprimanded because you spoke using your local language – but in a global economy, in a land were English is a highly remunerated expertise, we are dictated by these conditions not of our choosing. Malungcot na situacion sa totoo lang, panaguinip na lang yata ang pananagalog na ganuito…

    Imagine this same unfortunate situation – in our schools!

    There actually is nothing wrong with English, I’m trying to learn it myself, its an foreign language that we can keep as a subject in our schools but not as a solitary language for communication and instruction in our schools. We should keep our tradition in our languages, I say NO to this “English Only” policy.

    Tita – Visayan Congressman Eduardo Gullas, this guy is the chief author of the bill.

  • Joe Narvaez

    Kung magisip paurong! Sa halip na mahalin ang taal na atin ay ang salitang dayuhan pa ang nais na ipamulat sa mga kabataan. Bakit hindi ang pambansang wika at ang iba’t-ibang diyalekto ang paghusayin? Kalokohan ang pagiisip na ang Ingles ang susi sa pagunlad ng isang bansa! Hindi uusad kung walang pagmamahal sa sariling bayan.

  • G

    Jeebus. Who proposed the bill and why are they doing this?

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