Team Day Outs

I took this pic on our last Tagaytay visit, the sunset was to be mine [I left the company after two months]

I took this pic on our last Tagaytay visit, inside a crumbly rustic open hut where we ate like savages, the sunset was to be mine (I left the company afterwards)

When I was still working for that call center in Alabang, I frequently bring my team to that cliché place, for the south metro crowd, Tagaytay, its the closest place where you could still see nature and unwind your tired out mind, with all the stress mounting up on the call floor, it helps to slow down things a little within, people are really glad about just having the time to relax and enjoy the company of their peers. This is the reason why I’m big on this type of activities, other sups don’t get it, I do, its always a rejuvenating experience, it’s  good thing for everybody.

The other place, Calamba, probably nearer compared to Tagaytay, is also a fine spot to hang about, but outside its rented pools and annoying vendors, it doesn’t have anything more to offer, for company outings that is [for history students the place  should be a gold mine], but some of my team players favors the nighttime swims and the wild merry making it provides, perhaps I could never understand how someone could gulp a case of beer, smoke a pack of cigarrettes, and be satisfied, its ridiculous, they’re just the “partying type of animalsits all good”, I keep telling myself [I think almost all people are, except me and the majority of the nerd populace], anyway, whatever works for them serves me. These people worship booze, do all the foolish dancing and not to be forgotten, the mighty karaoke [or is it videoke?], people are always fighting over it, and the crazy thing is that everyone sounds dreadful, but the crazier part is that people enjoys hearing others appalling singing voices, you got to love these crazy people. Before the day ends, people are  drunk, and me, weary of all the eating, the bone of  my nape hurting and feeling heavy from all the cholesterol I digested, watch as my team make complete fools of themselves! I guess the only thing that really matters to us is that everyone, even for a short moment, is happy, it matters because in our line of work, it takes a lot of effort sometimes just to be happy.

As for me, I like nature tripping better, the scenes are the ones I commit to memory, top these with a delightful [often unhealthy] eating, now that is what I  call a true getaway for me. The memories I take pleasure in are the days we exhausted in that admired Dominican church on a hill in Nasugbu and the trouble-free Tagaytay treks.

I started to muse over these things when I got a text message from one of my agents, Pokwa, who also happen to be a great friend ’til now [I don’t know why], she was telling me how people from my old team would chatter about all the pleasure trips we had, she would inform me how some could even go into the minutest details, its been so long, I don’t even remember a lot about what she’s telling me [my memory really is not serving me good!] but I guess thats the enchantment of the famous team A day outs, it stays with those who has been part of it, as for me, I can still vibrantly recall the maddest laughter’s and the happiest faces.


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