The Cross


inside this house of coral stones and tisa, the legendary cross of Magellan

The highlight of my journey here in Cebu is being here, where Magellan planted his cross, forever changing our island nations history. Although there has been some questions raised about the authenticity of the Cross, if it was the one Magellan planted, the site is without a doubt one of the most important site in Filipino history [it is the official city symbol of Ciudad de Cebu].

The place marks the establishment of Catholicism in the land, what started in Bohol was continued here – and decades later would prove to be a success, creating a state with Catholicism and Madre Espana as its early foundation.


8 responses to “The Cross

  • Joe Narvaez

    Ano nga pala ginagawa mo dyan Cebu? Ako umuwi na rin dito Pinas noong Mayo. Bagong simula ulit para sa akin.

    • nold

      Joe – That’s great to hear, home is where the heart is, and where you are now – welcome back. Enjoy it, dahil malamang ay babalik din tayo sa pangingibang bayan.

      Traveler – I signed up for a project here – when Im free I usually travel around the island as you can see here =)

  • josé miguel

    That cross is the symbol of the seed of:

    1. Christianization of our people;
    2. Imprenation of our archipelago with a Filipino nation.

    As to the authenticity, let science articulate the truth. Let the truth the goal of science.

  • nold

    Jajaja – not even a Dan Brown but say some study proves that the Cross is fake, my faith would probably find an excuse. Peace =)

  • Euskadi Ta Askatasuna

    “but I prefer that we just leave it as it is.”

    Even if future evidence reveals otherwise, Nold? Will your “faith” go to that length?

  • nold

    Joe – hey Joe, how’s la familia? HK? when you visit Cebu City just tell me – bring your camera!

    euskadi – I guess its faith, there are people out there that believes that a clothe dating back to Christ execution stained with his blood is genuine – who knows really, faith and science will always collide, it wouldn’t be far fetch if the cross enclosed inside the tindalo is the original. Someday some study would reveal the real story, but I prefer that we just leave it as it is.

    thanks guys for dropping by

  • Joe Narvaez

    Hey Nold musta? That is a spot I would like to visit. Buti ka pa pagala-gala.

  • Euskadi Ta Askatasuna

    Oh, sure. The same cross Magallanes & co planted, still intact *rollseyes. How it withsood decay, mold, and rot for 500 years is a mystery to me. Why, I don’t think anyone kept that in mind either.

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