Beauty is everywhere

The bridges of Mactan, the old one and the new one at a distance.

The bridges of Mactan, the old one and the new one, Marcelo Fernan, at the distance (picture taken last month en route to Camotes).

The most amazing thing happened late this afternoon. For a very brief moment the sun came out and shun its golden light on the Marcelo Fernan bridge of Mactan. It was one of those feelings you get when you witness something beautiful that no words can describe it. I stared at it from the glass window of my work station. It was like all of Cebu City and Mactan was shaded in grey and that bridge connecting Cebu to Mactan illuminated by this light of the setting sun king. I stared at it for some time, then it was gone.

It was raining all day and for the most part the sun was hidden behind the clouds, its good weather for those who hate hot weather. Frog are croaking near my place, a vacant lot has hosted this noisy amphibians and they’re the happiest when it rains. As I’m writing here in my small room its drizzling outside. Sometimes this weather makes you feel bad – it really does.

I’ve been living alone for more than 5 months now, unlike other people I know who rents their place, they usually live with friends or relatives, in my case I live alone. I feel like a monk sometimes, living a recluse life somewhere in the woods. It’s a good thing that I have some of my books here, a cable tv and a laptop, they keep me company.

Hope that this coming weekend, weather would be favorable for travel. Its the only outdoor activity I look forward too.


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