Somewhere in Mactan

The vista from the cottage

The vista from the cottage

A good time was had by all last night in Blue Reef Mactan. The beach is not as impressive as the other beach resorts in Mactan. The place was guarded like Manila City jail. We were greeted by a drunk man (must be some kinda boss there, it was so amusing) giving instructions to read the resorts safety brochure! The comfort rooms were poorly maintained – missing locks, overflowing urinals, clogged drainages – the lavatory was filthy, but despite all of these, we all had great time!

I think the place is understaffed or just mismanaged or can be both but what can you expect from a P30 peso fee anyway? Not much I guess.

Vamos comer...

Vamos comer...

Good friends, good food always brightens up even the gloomiest of day (and horrible of resorts). The rain just kept pouring but it never affected the mood of the group, people just sung and danced their stress away.

Big thanks for those people who hosted the party! I heard the food preparation was difficult (eating is always the easiest part), from the market to the cottage to my plates! Everything tasted fresh and scrumptious, nice work –  the happiest drizzly night for me here in Cebu.

By next week I’m resuming my ala lone ranger travels – August (if heavens show mercy with good weather) will be a busy month.


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