Lake Danao Camotes

Danao Lake

Danao Lake

Danao Lake is the largest and only natural lake in Cebu, this great lake can be found in one the smallest island of the Visayan region, the Camotes (which got its name from Camote, sweet potato for the Mexicanos). I saw people fishing and boating around the lake, picnicking is also a favorite activity around the stunning lake.

Crocodiles once freely roam here, sadly, they were hunted to extinction. There were some nest-like mounds near the banks that I thought belongs to the feared reptile – is it possible that some survived the extermination? The people who maintains the area told me, “wala na Sir”, poor reptiles, I guess they really are all gone.

At the middle of the lake is a small island. The stopover was really a treat, trees reflected in the calm waters, unfamiliar birds of different colors and sizes (for me) flying freely, it was great seeing all of it – unmatched beauty period, borrowing from the  Discovery channel tag line, it is awesome. With time spent here, we all can appreciate the beauty our country possesses and preserve it for the next generation of Filipinos. Hope that people (more  local tourists!) visit and support this great lake’s preservation.

Surprisingly, the lake’s park have well kept facilities! Clean toilets, trails, cottages and wooden benches – and yes, the lake is clean and it’s safe to take a dip. One of the many natural wonders of Camotes.

Calm waters

Calm waters

Ah fishing!

Ah fishing!


3 responses to “Lake Danao Camotes

  • Harold

    Is this a separate Lake Danao that they said is located at Ormoc? Somebody claimed on the other blog that Lake Danao is in Ormoc however, I’ve seen a map on a website showing Lake Danao’s location within Camotes island. Can you please clarify where is the actual location of this lake?

    Thank you.

  • jesserine

    thanks for letting me know the answer of my question……

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