Sr. De Cena

Plaque in commemorating the blessing made by Jose Cardinal Sanchez

Plaque commemorating the dedication rites led by Jose Cardinal Sanchez

Sr.Cena is a wood sculpture version of the last supper; it’s located inside a chapel built within the church of St. Joseph here Mandaue. It is the only life-size wood carved depiction of the last supper in the world. The first time I tried to visit Sr. Cena was during the Semana Santa of this year, only to find out that it was covered by purple clothe and would not be viewable until Easter, so I had to come back and this time I was not disappointed.

I don’t know the exact measurements of the figures are but it was impressive considering that these are all made of wood. Christ and his apostles are dressed in brightly colored clothe. I had a strange feeling actually seeing the Sr. Cena, I grew up seeing Last Supper suspended on the wall in our cucina, so seeing the full-scale version was a surprise, I mean these guys are as tall as I am, looking like rock stars with their long hairs and piercing eyes. Truly an awesome piece (or pieces) of Catholic art, brought to us by the great sculpting hands of the Mandauehanons.


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