Sr. Rodolfo Cataquiz 1917-2009

I was informed by my friend that the father of another friend, Calex, had passed away. It’s sad that often in life we come across deaths, a love one, a friend or just someone we happen to know. The shadow of death reminds us of life’s brittle thread.

I know a lot about the history of Calex’s family because we (with Pepe) were once employed by the current San Pedro chief to do some writing and research for him. I’ll never forget how animated and pleased he was whenever we would talk about his father. Calex has a million and one stories to tell about his Papa. He was very proud of how his Father succeeded in a life full of hardships, it was truly an inspiring rags to riches tale. We initially wanted to speak to the elder Cataquiz then but were told that he was already weak. In the end, what his son had told us about him, was more than what we needed, his achievements in life was testimony of a life well lived.

Pepe wrote an article about Sr. Rodolfo.


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