Nacionalista Ticket

The old school partido nacionalista

The old school partido nacionalista

I was smiling when I read Pepito’s recent article entitled “The Senate has lost it” – while reading I was browsing some of the mid 1900’s photos and docs I acquired from Cebu. It made me realize how low our politics has crashed since then, I mean just by looking at who use to represent us then and now you’ll understand why we’re all in a deep ditch right now. Sobrang laki ng pagkakaiba, para kang nagkumpara ng huwad na diamante sa tunay. Sobrang laki ng agwat sa lahat ng aspeto. By the way, most of these men (including Quezon) served their country during the revolution against Spain and some in the Philippine-American war, so these men knows true patriotism.

The photo above is the lineup of Partido Nacionalista ticket. This is perhaps the finest lineup for both the presidential and senatorial candidates in our history. It includes; Jose Yulo, Manuel Roxas, Quintin Paredes, Carlos Garcia, Amang Rodriguez, Vicente Madrigal, Ramon Fernandes, Elpidio Quirino, Jose Ozamis, Melencio Arranz, Antonio de las Alas, Esteban de la Rama, Nicolas Buendia, Jesus Cuenco, Emiliano Tirona, Daniel Maramba, Vicente Rama and Norberto Romualdez.

Now, who do we have?


4 responses to “Nacionalista Ticket

  • nold

    @ Euskadi – Could be Pamplona but Im not sure. He was executed in North Cemetery, only his skull was identified by his family after the war, since the Sakangs utilizes mass graves, it was, at that time, impossible to identify the all the remains.

  • Euskadi Ta Askatasuna

    Navarre? No wonder his name sounds Basque.Perhaps the Ozamiz clan were Euskaldunak. I’d like to know where exactly in Navarre, since Euskera’s only spoken in the northern parts. Any additional info, Nold?

    And btw, was his body buried or dumped in an unmarked grave? The Japs were known for burying scores of corpses in a single unmarked area, sometimes live even.

  • nold

    I’m really not a big fan of changing names of places, whether it be a street or a city but I believe giving Jose Ozamiz the honor of having a city from his beloved Mindanao, his place of birth, named after him is much deserved. I first came to know of this man when I saw a picture of him back college, he’s so “tisoy” – Filipino ba ito? then I found out that both his parent were of Spanish descent, his father coming from Navarre, settled there in Misamis to do some copra business. Ozamis proved his loyalty to his motherland by sacrificing his life, he was decapitated by the Japs in Manila, he worked with the guerilla movement, now that’s what you call a hero – do we have these kind of men today in our government? damn, politicians today can’t even give up their houses abroad and their fancy cars and we expect them to give everything for their country?

    If this man had not been executed, your province would be praising him for becoming a president of the republic, but he died young and is now forgotten, good to know you remember, he’s one of our greats, a true Mindanaoan.

  • mark orica

    nice piece! hehehe… ive seen this kind of poster once in the cuartel now museo sugbo. i was glad to see that someone from our province (sen.Ozamis) was once part of a very respectable political party, and have contributed in anyway in moulding our great country.
    *** musta na oi? hehehehe

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