All Laws are stupid, But Some Laws are stupider than others

After more than 100 years of serving her, Filipinos, lets bid farewell to her. Viva La Republica Filipina!!!

After more than 100 years of serving her, Filipinos, lets bid farewell to her. Viva La Republica Filipina!!!

All of us at some point in our lives have come across a law that makes us stop and wonder how it ever got passed. I’ve already forgiven Lina for his pro-squatting bill, the Lina law (renamed by Mon Tulfo as the “stupid Lina law”), poor Joey was just trying to win the hearts and minds of his poor Laguna constituents, and he did, salvaging his falling political career by becoming the provincial Governor.

Just recently, some women in congress pass a law banning pornographic cartoon, also known as hentai, “Adults either by purchasing, viewing or producing them, should be subjected to the most severe punishments,” Wow! case closed, props to our lawmakers. Wait, how can you ban those when you can’t even stop Porn (the real ones not the cartoons!) being peddled in the markets and DVDhan (na parang kabute na kung saan-saan nagsusulputan)? Not to mention internet? But I’m sure these bills would look good in your resumes.

All Laws are stupid, But Some Laws are stupider than others, say funny man Dave Letterman. But this one, from Senator Gordon tops the list. Stupider than the two laws I mentioned above.

A bill adding 9th ray to RP flag.

Another stupid bill from a Senator, wasting more time on stupidity. Thank you Mr. Dick Gordon

It’s clear we’re talking about a really stupid law serving no purpose whatsoever. Gordon says that Muslim leaders; Lapu-Lapu, Sikatuna, Humabon fought for our country, fought for freedom and they, with the whole of today’s Filipino-Muslims must be represented in our national flag. Don’t drag them to your cause Sir, when these men fought against the invaders they had no idea what Filipinas stands for, their brave resistance was for tribal survival, they were not Nationalist like what you want people to accept, because they had no notion of what a nation is. While the men and women, the generation that made our flag, ang bandilang bababuyin mo kasama ng mga kaibigan mong politico, knew what the symbols represented, the symbols are there for a reason. These revolutionaries would turn in their graves if they knew what has happened here.

What’s next? more rays to represent all the ethnic groups of this country?

If you respect Filipino history, judging on what you’ve been saying looks like you don’t, leave our history alone and go back to your fatherland.

Wala na bang ibang isyung nasyonal na pwedeng bigyan ng makatuturang batas? O talagang masyado nang madaming batas na kung anu-ano na lang ang naiisip ng mga naiinip na mambabatas na ito?

Well, looking at the bright side at least flag makers would have jobs seaming and printing this new flag with nine rays!

“If I fall, pick up the flag, kiss it, and keep on going.”

-Omar Efraín Torrijos Herrera


11 responses to “All Laws are stupid, But Some Laws are stupider than others

  • ex-ses

    interesting content you have.

  • Xrumer

    looks like a nice article to me.

  • Lowe

    good idea. keep it up.

  • flipp56

    Laws are made to be broken. the government are the real criminals.

  • geeno

    The problem with the way our law makers and government as a whole is how it operates and thinks of itself. In a private company or corporation, the people running it answers to the owners of the company and are given directions by them as to their objectives for the year. Our government acts as if they own the company/country and the people are just the workers/laborers who will pay taxes. Therefore, they can do whatever they want and think is important or the priority. For the Senate/Congress to function properly, we the people should state to them what their priority should be and what task has to be done by them. Aren’t they suppose to be “servants of the people”. How do you expect them to govern properly and penalize those who steal if it will impact them. Nobody plans to go to jail if they get caught. Notice that inspite the numerous so-called expose, nobody has yet gone to jail. Even deterrents like the death penalty has been removed so as not to endanger anybody who may be caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar.

  • guillermo gomes rivera

    Congratulations to Arnaldo for his article against the Dick Gordon bill adding a 9th ray to please the Moros.
    The bill is demagogic becasue it pretends to win moro votes for Mr. Dick Gordon who, we heared, wants to run for president of this country. To be fair, Mr. Dick Gordon has done a good job as head of the Philippine Red Cross, but this 9th ray bill demeans him before all thinking Filipinos. Even the Moros will know that it is but a ploy to win their votes. The Moros do not want a 9th ray in our flag, they want a flag of their own. They are virtually at war with the Filipino nation to which they belong by geography, race and history. The sultanate of Jolo and Cotabato did accept the Spanish king as their natural sovereign in 1598. The separatist idea is a new one possibly insired by the petrodollars of the oil producing Moslem countries under U.S.WASP influence. MILF hashim Salamat offered George Bush a piece of the territory that MILF pretends to grab from both the MNLF and the Republic of the Philippines. Mr. Dick Gordon becomes suspect with the filing of this unnecessary bill. The Moros do not need any autonomy nor a 9th ray in our flag all they have to do is uphld peace as ISLAM says and work hard side by side with their Christians brothers who do not wish them ill. Guillermo Gómez Rivera

  • nold

    @ Levi – The people need to know who made this idiotic bill. LEAVE OUR FLAG ALONE iyan ang dapat nilang marinig sa atin!

  • Levi

    This will serve as a precedent. Funny fools that they are, these dimwits should know what they’re doing. Kaltugan kaya natin tong mga to pare!

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  • nold

    @ Bryan – This is truly upsetting. I rarely get mad but this one wow, such sadness, such injustice to our heroes. The nat’l artist issue well, OK, that’s bad but this is so much worst! exploiting our national symbol for political gain? grabe na ito, ganito na ba kaganid sa boto ang mga politico ngayon? hindi na tayo patatawarin ng mga bayani natin sa katarantaduhang ito. Unification can never be achieved this way – kung sa bagay sabi ko nga, Estúpido talaga.

  • the showroom manager

    arnold! tama ka sa mga sinabi mo. kung ‘yun pala ang solusyon para magkaisa tayo, e di dapat lahat ng 7,107 islands may ray sa bandila!

    hindi ko alam kung anong puede nating gawin para mapigil itong KALOKOHAN na ‘to. mga lider natin napakakitid ng pagtingin sa kasaysayan natin.

    ganun na lang ba kadali palitan ang simbolo natin? sabagay, kung pangalan ng kalye kayang palitan, BANDILA pa kaya?

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