About this bill adding 9th ray to our flag

My fav wrestler, Batista, would just have to get a good artist to add a ray in his Filipino flag.

My fav wrestler, Batista, would just have to get a good artist to add a ray in his Filipino flag. Good luck man.

I’m sorry readers if I was harsh last time. Ok now, Let me argue my point.

In an interview, Gordon said, “This is a great step in recognizing the fact that we had Muslims such as Lapu-Lapu, Sultan Kudarat, Amai Pakpak, Sorongan, who kept fighting the Spaniards long before this country thought of a revolution against Spain. This would foster unity, make sure that nobody is excluded. If we are to have national unity in this country it must begin in our flag, it must be symbolized in our flag”. True, But they’re not the only ones that resisted the Spanish government before momentous revolution of 1896. In the more than 300 years of rule, Spain dealt with countless revolts and resistance. A careful review of our history would even reveal names we never even heard of, their heroism sealed away waiting for our generation to resurrect them.

What we need is to improve library access for the Filipino youth, something that can’t be achieved if our National Library is being ignored, pilfered and has been underfunded for decades. Only through reforms and improvements in the way Philippine history is taught that we can make Filipinos proud of their country. We as a Filipinos should understand the tradition of freedom our heroes fought to preserve. The symbol they created, the flag, should never be subject to modification. Period.

Since the bill’s intention was to represent the “mostly-forgotten Muslim heroes”, the question is, what difference would it make other than altering the flag we raised during Aguinaldo’s declaration of independence? The benefits of this law are not clear. If we intend unity with our Muslim countrymen, will suddenly adding a ray for Lapu-Lapu, Sultan Kudarat and Rajah Sulayman bring us any closer to our dreams of national harmony?

Gordon failed to consider that the Muslims of Mindanao is already represented in the national flag. The flag was designed to represent us all. The rays of the sun represent the provinces that are traditionally considered to be the first to revolt against the Spaniards during the crucial years of our struggle for freedom. The symbolism in our flag pays tribute to the critical role of these provinces involvement (in our single greatest revolution of ’96) but this does not mean that the other provinces who rose against Spain before the revolution of ’96 are being excluded. Let us not forget the Ilocanos, Cebuanos, Ilonggos, Bicolanos and many more provinces that rose up against tyranny even before the great revolution. In Bohol we have what is considered to be one of the longest rebellion against Spain in all of its colonies, lasting more than 80 years, should we then consider adding a ray for the courageous Boholanos? Or what about the Silang’s of Ilocos, another ray for our Ilocano heroes?

If the modification in our flag would symbolize the “Filipino Muslims”, as Gordon stated, this would just create a dilemma since we’ll be classifying and identifying Filipinos that fought for our independence by their religion. This certainly would not foster communal harmony; we have to understand that religion has always been a divisive issue. If we pass this law, on the basis that we wanted to acknowledge the Muslims presence in our fight for freedom, we’ll soon have to look into adding another one for the Aglipayan church.

I’m proud to honor our nation’s heroes, regardless of their religion, race or province. We have to demand from ourselves how to live up to the best of our national tradition. Yes, there is a need for unification but there are many ways we can achieve this. We are making an irreversible mistake in altering our flag believing that it would help solve our problems. Making changes in our flag would not improve our situation. Let us all remember that the flag isn’t just a piece of cloth that was made to remind us that we exist; many Filipinos have died raising that flag. Dying for the Filipino flag is synonymous with dying for Filipinas. It’s always been this way – for more than 100 years now since we first raised this flag in Cavite and sung our most beautiful himno nacional. Let us not forget our history.

I say, leave the flag alone.

16 responses to “About this bill adding 9th ray to our flag

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  • Pedro Penduko

    Ampucha! mga anak kayo ng mga malalanding labandera! hindi tayo Amerika na nagdadagdag lang ng bituin sa paglaki ng kanilang estado! Pilipinas ito mga UNGAS! galangin ninyo mga ninuno namin! kaya tayo binabagyo mga anak kayo ng nanay nyo kung ano-anu pinagkakaabalahan ninyong walang kwentang batas na butas!

    • Anonymous

      HEy .. Shut Up!! Anak ka din ng nanay mo!!
      We are here to talk about this, to consider both sides .. If you have nothing to contribute rather than saying those abusive words , kindly Shut p .. take your Siesta ..

  • De AnDA

    @Sr. Osorio – Thank you for visiting the site. Yes, todays NHI headed by Ocampo not by Nakpil opposes the change. My point of contention is that the ‘rays’ were only meant to represent the ‘provinces that first revolted’ – that was what the men and women who took part in designing it had in mind. So, my sole reason opposing this is purely historical – I don’t care about the politics of gordon and his friends. Now, I can understand the argument that we had Philippine Moros that fought the Spaniards and it is only fitting that we honor them but their ‘fight for freedom’ historically could not be represented by something that was not conceived to represent anything other than the ‘provinces that first revolted’. Ok, what I’m saying is that the three stars and the sun already represents us all – the rays was meant to remind us of the historical contribution that ultimately led to the proclamation of Aguinaldo. If some feels that the flag is ‘too Christian’ and does not have anything that recognize the Muslims then we would have problems if this would be our basis, we are presenting a wrong precedent that would set grounds for more alterations in our flag in the future. And like in all things, something you could replace easily does not have true value. The Aglipayans, like what I’ve said in my earlier post, used their faith to fight the Spaniards – and history could not deny them that, they would have a case in claiming that their efforts merits a ray in our sun. We should stop this law.

  • emmanuel l osorio

    The NHI? In 1969 NHI chair Carmen Guerrero Nakpil
    endorsed the ninth ray. Cong. Omar Dianalan filed a
    bill for the addition of the ninth ray. A blogger who described himself as a very violent protester against
    the ninth ray cited in full Prof. Teodoro Agoncillo whom
    he descrived as great saying the Muslims are asking
    for thee ninth ray but they do not have the right to do so. For the nth time I am suggesting that you google
    a sun for all the people so you will have a fuller
    understanding of the issue and maybe you will

  • emmanuel l osorio

    There is an explanation for the ninth ray which goes against the grain of the NHI’s stand and those now
    taken by at least 80 percent of the bloggers. Try
    googling a sun for all the people and add the ninth
    ray to the Philippine flag.See if your view would not
    be altered after doing so.

    • nold

      @ emmanuel – NHI is right on this one. there is no justification why we have to alter the flags appearance. what ever gordon say is his opinion, he is not representing the moro people and their not asking for it in the first place.

  • nold

    @ Pedro – It’s not “all wrong” and it’s not “all right” 🙂

    @ JM – Very well written. As always, youre a great source of sensible historical commentary in this site. Alcalde Tagle, Gordon’s Grandpa, must be turning in his grave right now for all of these BS from his grandson

    @ Levi – All is up to you just update me!

  • josé miguel

    Our Flag should be based on history so that we have a reference point for our origin, identity as well as our historical development. If this is revised or changed by some American clown like Flash Gordon who did not even consult our National Historical Institute, and by some twist of history became a senator in the Philippines, time will come when we will not have any connection with our origin, only with what is the latest. Then we Filipinos of the future would think Flash Gordon is our reference for our being Filipinos.

    This should be refered to the National Historical Institute which should also be given thorough study and consultation. This is our history, our identity. It is bad enough that we do not know our real history. It is worse that we add another layer of corrupted history. This will affect our national genetic code.

    Let us put substance to our honor and love for our brother Muslims as brother Filipinos not by tampering with our history but by providing them as all of us Filipinos should have, a real home, a real nation, free from American and Chinese control.

  • Pedro Penduko

    Your recent post shocked me! So you believe that Spain did us wrong!

    BTW I’m against that idiotic Gordon bill.

  • Levi

    Thanks brotha, these rains just holding me back to go out. Yeah! Sure, lets have a simple meeting shout out. Lets come up with the time and place for them to come, may dadating at dadating diyan. Hanggang kailan ka dito sa tin?

  • nold

    @ Pepe – I’m really disappointed with Dick Gordon, not only is he a history major, he’s also the grandson of Tagle, a revolutionary from Cavite who won key battles for Aguinaldo.

    @ Levi – hey big boy what’s up? I’m already here in Manila. Regards to your wife and family. I’m sure you’ve already heard that LA Times will soon leave APAC, I was thinking if we can have a reunion with all the old-timers. We founded that account and I’m certain you feel bad like I do but life goes on…

  • Pepe

    This dick just won’t stop.

  • Levi

    Which leaves us with these fools who can’t think about real contentment, true idealism and respect. How should we believe someone brought in temporarily to tamper with something permanent and irreversible?

    Our flag will never be something another dimwit could amend.

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