A Visit to San Mateo with TOF

Travelers entire collection.

Traveler's entire collection.

Yesterday, I went to Morong (Rizal) to visit a friend, popular blogger Traveler on foot. Though we were also victims of the recent floods, theirs was something else. I lived in Manila all my life but I’ve never seen floods reach rooftops, scenes that you expect to see in the province not in a modern day metropolitan.

Bod Dylan’s right, Times a-changin’.

My friend showed me his house, which had been totally submerged in the floods. It was the first time they experienced flooding in the area. San Mateo being close to the river was one of the badly affected area. According to TOF, in just an hour the whole town “was underwater”, neighbors with second floors offered their houses to other residents whose place were already submerged in  the overflow, these neighbors homes was their “Noah’s ark” he said.

Every bibliophile’s nightmare is losing his collection, for every book not only cost money but time to uncover. Most of traveler’s Filipiniana are out of print, its sad that all were swamped and is now in his garaje, some still covered in mud. There are some that can still be salvaged but majority are hopeless, particularly the Ambeth Ocampo books (which are all in cheap paperback), we had the author signed those books when we were all together with Pepe in one of Ambeth’s seminar.

I remember the Keyser-Casado library which was lost sometime in the 90’s. The family that owned the library is one of Macati’s oldest family (they once owned almost halft of Cartimar in Pasay). When the descendants sold the house in Bagtican, the personal library of the family, where I first learned to read history, was disposed and sent to junk. I shed tears after finding out what just happened – we were no longer living in the area, and it was too late for me to do anything. I spent a lot of time there but even when I was coming to that place, the books were already neglected. According to Dona Amparo her father (an American military officer who later held top positions in the country’s prison management), traveled and collected those book. Now its all gone.

Nakakapanghinayang naman  ang mga  nasirang libro.

Hasta luego!


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