NHI will soon unveil new historical markers in Carcar

Just got a word from Cebuano heritage blogger Knight Carl that the houses of the following families Noel, Silva and Lucero together with Balay sa Tisa will have historical markers soon. It’s about time! historcial recognition for these magnificent casas has long been overdue.

Why can’t we register all “bahay na bato” under NHI? If this will help prevent the old house’s destruction then why not?

The beautiful interior of Carcar's Iglesia


3 responses to “NHI will soon unveil new historical markers in Carcar

  • the showroom manager

    the noels had a direct hand on his murder 😀 our guide told us that kilat’s murder was so brutal that after killing leon kilat, his face was shattered by a riffle butt. this was done in the town square. walang puso.

    carcar will always be a beautiful town and i’m happy that the people there are seeing the potential of NOT changing the look of their town and NOT abusing this material called concrete.

    mabuhay ka, kaibigan! thanks for sharing what you know! plus ultra!

  • the showroom manager

    it’s about time. my colleagues and i went to this church. it’s very beautiful. except for the facade because some of the policemen thought that the “eye of god” is evil so they covered it up.

    we also learned about the tragic murder of leon kilat from our tour guide. man, that was gruesome.

    btw, were you able to pass by a funeral parlor that uses coffins as their desk and other attractions? ayos ‘yun, señor arnold 😀

    • De AnDA

      Hahaha coffins for coffee table nice! Madami pang casa na ubod ng ganda kung nagawi kayo sa daan papuntang Barili. saludo ako sa mga Carcaranon!

      The Cebuanons reaction when the revolution started was very different, if you probe deeper you’ll get the real reason why he the Negrense Kilat was assasinated. The Noels, whose house would be honored with an NHI marker played a major role in the killing of Kilat!

      Plus Ultra Bryan!

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