Update on my whereabouts and a special treasure lost

I just noticed that I haven’t posted in this site for a week. I want to write daily but the past few weeks has been very busy for me. Trying to find a job, attending interviews [and getting ‘thumbs down’ from employers] and negotiating with a number of companies has been keeping me intensely busy [naks!] – And finally this week decided to go with a company that offers products and expertise in e-procurement, something new for someone old. Nine years of my work has been with call centers, my last employer was a BPO in Cebu, I felt that a change would be good right now. But after all of these office or corporate career or ladder [whatever it’s called these days], I intend to get my teaching units so I can get myself employed as a maestro, living a semi-retired life  – I still have a long way to go, I know.

Ok enough of my ramblings about work – let me ramble about Filipino history websites, especially those travel and photo blogs. I’m getting tired of reading sites that doesn’t bother to research facts about historical places they visit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these bloggers just wanted to write about their experiences, which is awesome – I mean not a lot of people documents their travels, but seeing some ‘copied and pasted’ information from Wikipedia and some other popular travel sites makes their website bad. Some of these blogs have good looking pictures and useful information –  sayang naman. Anyway, these are just observations, after all, blogs are personal diaries and journals, people can write whatever they want – that’s the power of internet bitching. It doesn’t matter if it’s about Filipino historiography or Manny and Krista gossips.

I was supposed to have finished writing about my Majayjay trip but placed it in the back burner because of some clarifications that I would want to be answered first. I’ve consulted a Franciscan [Fr. Gutay please reply] and I’m awaiting for his answers. I don’t want to make people think that I’m writing a special paper worthy of being made reference by students. If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you should know that it’s NOT made by a scholar historian but a history student whose research are mainly focused on Filipino Catholicism and the Filipino Spanish culture and history – let this serve as a disclaimer for those who sends in questions over the site! Arnaldo is no expert but he won’t mind answering questions, as long as he knows how to answer ‘em!

I haven’t written about my other travels but I will these coming days. Good thing is that I keep a notebook, like a diary, where I write down my thoughts during these lonely trips. It’s best to keep notes. As you grow older, your memory gets more dull! Yikes!

No DSLR but just as good... Photo: Me and my beloved sony digicam, taken by (?) grabbed from facebook

One other important update on this humble site  is the ‘passing’ of its reliable Sony digicam, yes, the camera that has brought me so much joy and memories [almost all pictures in this site were shot using this small digicam] has been broken after rendering four long faithful years of service. Maybe it’s time to buy an expensive DSLR, and be among the cool ones – have an avatar or facebook picture posing with a brand new, super classy, bulky DSLR like everybody else. The classic photographer posing for a photograph . I don’t know why people pose with their cameras when they should be using it, worst take pictures of their cameras when they’re suppose to, again, use it. These DSLR’s has been so much glamorized now that it has become a status symbol. Good thing I can’t afford to buy one!


7 responses to “Update on my whereabouts and a special treasure lost

  • Club Penguin

    It took a little longer than usual for the post to load but i’m glad i gutted it out.

  • Traveler on Foot

    Yup. used to have that book by geroniere. the one with the nice cover and illustrations.

  • De AnDA

    @ Traveler – Actually I’m happy with the ever growing community of travel, food and photo bloggers – I guess I’m just expecting too much. With the bridges, I’m not sure what the news you saw was referring to – the Franciscan’s are expert bridge builders, considering the geography of Laguna and Tayabas i could imagine that some of these structures will be lost to upgrades and development. Pigue was never finished by the original builder, its still there, but it was later continued using wooden materials by this time downgraded into a foot bridge, where only a ‘pigue’ can be accommodated, no easy, capricious crossing for the town folks as advertised by the friar from calatrava who started it. BTW de la geroniere ‘voyage a majaijai’ is a good reference for travelers going to majayjay, excellent book – available in english at NHI.

    @ Pepe – how sure are you? your drunk even before the actual event started! LOL!

    @ Levi – I think I should buy her digicam – not the other way around.

  • Pepe

    I’m the one who took that photo, dude.

  • Levi

    I’m sure Maan’s reading your blog, a new camera’s not bad of a Christmas gift at all hehe. Merry Christmas brotha!

  • Traveler on Foot

    sorry to hear about your camera nold. a camera can be an indespensable tool for us bloggers. and you’re right we dont need an expensive and professional looking dlsr for that purpose.

    Pictures make our sites visually interesting though. whether with or without supporting write-ups or discription, its the author’s way of expression.

    one thing i like about travel and heritage blogs is that in a way they help preserve heritage structures, well at least in pictures. 🙂 In our forever changing landscape, these images keep a certain time frozen.

    in your recent visit to majayjay, is the bridge near the grotto and the bridge called the puente de cappriccio or piggue still there? the reason i ask is because ive read in the news that there were a couple of old bridges in majayjay that gave in during a recent typhoon. news did not mention the names just stated as “centuries-old bridges.”

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