The land of the morning

The Land of the Morning exhibit

Asian Civilization Museum run an exhibit about us, its entitled, “Land of the Morning: The Philippines and its people”, it opened last October. The final day of the exhibit is the 10th of this month. I was really excited to see it and was already planning on going straight to the museum the day I arrive, but I had to wait the next day. We left after lunch and went straight to the museum. The entrance to museums here are very reasonable, I find them cheap actually. The administration of the museum in Singapore, especially Asian Civilization, which is relatively new, is very efficient and informative. From the moment you enter the beautifully restored colonial building which was the grounds where Sir Raffles first landed, you can already find their personnel waiting, it’s well managed and the museum staff will endeavor to accommodate you. Very similar to our Ayala Museum in Makati and Lopez but these are private Filipino museums, I hope that our government can invest more on our public museums for the next generation.

Informational ooklets available in all Singaporean official language, four all in all...

Taking pictures are confined to some areas. I enjoyed this illustration and text.

Visitors are amazed with this very old 'belen'. An example of what they call 'Paskong Pinoy'

The moment I entered I already saw familiar items. The exhibits are loaned from the collection of Ayala and some other private collection from the country. NHI was also involved in making the exhibit possible. Seeing these Filipino treasures in Singapore land made me happy and proud. I was looking at the foreigners’ amazement over our relics. There was even this woman who took a picture of a “retablo” and was approached by security. Many could not believe that the items in display came from an Asian country. When I first found out that there will be a Filipino exhibit, I was worried that the focus would too much on the Prehispanic, I’ve seen exhibits before where there was nothing but jars, jewelries and primitive weapons, wonderful as they are, the Hispanic legacies are just as important and must always be presented as Filipino. Present them side by side,  Prehispanic and Hispanic, and what you have is our story.

December 2009

Ok, enough of my lecture for now (–,). There will be two or three more post about Singapore, this would complete the series then I would be posting my other stuff. I’ve yet to post stories about my travels in Tayabas and Laguna – need to put them here before I forget.

The historic Cavanaugh bridge. This bridge remains to be the first and only suspension bridge in Singapore


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