Walk the back trails

A gifted young Sanpablense writer, who also happens to be a friend, has started writing about his travels, recording his interesting experiences and discoveries in his newly minted blog. He writes about places that we take for granted, in his writing he makes familiar places look as if you’re seeing something for the first time. How he writes about his trips make a wonderful reading. Places that’s not too far but very Filipino. It is true what they say, discoveries are everywhere – just waiting to be written into existence.

I remember when I started traveling in search of the true heart of the Filipino. It was back in college, no digicams, no blog not even a cellphone – history books were not enough, even with a students budget, I knew then that I had to go and explore these wonderful towns  and up to now it feels like my journey has just begun. There are few places in our country that’s off limits to a traveler armed with the knowledge of our past. What’s wonderful now is that people like us can share our experiences here. We need more people to join this cause, rediscovering the genuine Filipinas – Perla del mar de oriente!

One response to “Walk the back trails

  • pransisem

    Wow Sir! Thank you Sir (ay Kuya na nga pala) for this. Mas nakakamotivate. Salamat Kuya, salamat.

    I believe it’s a collective effort to discover, and consequently introduce, the Philippines to the Filipinos and to the world. Little details matter and so ‘Back Trails’ caters to these. Wagi!

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