In memory of Quijano de Manila

Plus Ultra!

I’m delighted to find Joaquin’s books being made available today. It is only right that we keep his works alive. He is, without a doubt, the most talented of them all.  One of the last of the old style Filipino writers who wrote in Spanish and English – in both he was a master.

A great artistic writer, Joaquin contributed much in Filipino literature and language but it was his struggle against the Leyenda Negra that I most admire. Here is a man, a college dropout, slugging it out with so called academic historians and yet he remained ever confident in his revelations about his discoveries on Filipino Historiography. His historical essays are among the most influential pieces of work-always disappointing his distractors while rewarding his admirers. His argument remains solid and well-founded to this day. He’s gifted with a mind that provides the simplest explanation of everything Filipino.

I’m sure someone has written a better article about ol’ Nick so I’m stopping here. I just have to write something when I saw the poster (above). Because of this man, I enjoy being a Filipino every day.


2 responses to “In memory of Quijano de Manila

  • Pepe Alas

    Nick Joaquín is Nick Joaquín. The quintessential Filipino.

    F. Sionil José is an idiot to fault him as an apologist of Spain.

    Nick Joaquín still lives in us.

    ¡Feliz Día de San Valentín!


  • josé miguel

    It is because of the keen observations and acurate drawing out from different seemingly unconnected events, a single pattern that is noticable in such notes as that of Gen Antonio Luna in his book, “A Question of Heroes”, that I cannot but agree with you, Arnaldo. But it is in his moving tribute to Gen Artemio Ricarte in that same book that made me convinced that Nick Joaquin, has a veritable arsenal of information that are valuable in rousing our people to recover our inherited national developmental code–our code of excellence, which was buried by the americans to obscurity so that we filipinos will have no reason to resist their continued invasion today.

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