Caysasay Side Trip

While visiting Taal’s historical housesl I made a side trip to barrio Caysasay. Home of Taal’s miraculous icon, a venerated Marian shrine and a popular pilgrimage for many Catholics. It is said that the apparition of the Virgin here was the first ever recorded in our history. Even though it was never validated by Church authorities, it was well received by a community that instantly became disciples of the Virgin.

Legend has it that a local fisherman fished out the icon in Pansipit. It was then handed to a wealthy family for safe keeping. It was believed that the Virgin would go out at night and return to the spot where it was found. This is the vicinity where they erected the Shrine to honor the Virgin’s wishes.

There were many folklore culture spoken about how it came to Taal. Tales of miracles and divine interventions abound in Caysasay. Much of the tradition, the feast and stories has been preserved. Taal prides itself in the preservation of not only its Antillean houses but its religious heritage. I found out that there is even a stage play about the story of the Lady of Caysasay. The play is headlined by Taaleno Ogie Alcasid.

The Virgin appeared with Casaysay (later corrupted to Caysasay) kingfishers’, birds that are known for its brilliant colors. Kingfishers must’ve flourished in the area before. The Taalenos then founded an arch where the Lady appeared to little children as tribute to the miraculous well of Sta. Lucia that is believed to gush out spring water that can heal all sickness.

Visit the Shrines official facebook site here.


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