Cuaresma Exhibit

Cuaresma, a Lenten presentation of DOT and Hermandad dela Sagrada Pasión de Jesús

After watching boxing god Pacquiao dominate his African challenger I headed straight to Intramuros to catch a glimpse of an exhibition of various Catholic images that are paraded during Cuaresma. There is something special seeing such an event in the Intramuros. It must be Nick Joaquin’s books that inspired such imagination in me. This being the last day of the exhibit I just had to see it.

Too bad for me, no Procesión yet, the people were just readying the carosas outside the huge white DOT tent. The location was where the old Ateneo once stood, If I’m not mistaken its still Calle Anda. I was delighted by the enthusiasm of the young people who took part in the program, they were making all the preparations – arranging flowers, taking care of details. They must be commended. The heat was terrible, it ain’t easy to move around.

The event is organized by the DOT and the Hermandad dela Sagrada Pasión de Jesús. There was also a video presentation of  La Semana Santa en Sevilla.

The condition inside the tent (Clam Shell tent they call it) was more bearable. I was awed by the images that were on display, which included life size icons of Christ and Saints. Some were so realistic that I felt I was looking at real flesh and bones. It was a great exhibition of Catholic religious art. This time of the year always brings out the best of our heritage and culture. You think of the time when the Filipino cosmos revolved around their religion and their country.

Banda San Nepumaceno, a band from Malibay Pasay were playing special music that’s usually heard during Cuaresma. A man would talk about the history of each and every composition. It was no surprise that most of the music dates back to the Spanish era, a time when Filipino religious art was at its peak.


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