Muntinlupa’s Lakeshore Back to Normal

Looks like everything’s back to normal around the shores of Laguna de Ba’I (correct pronunciation is bä’ï …) at least for the ones in the Muntinlupa area. So this is good news as it indicates that the lake has return to its normal self. I’m referring to the water level of course; the lake will never be the same. Call me a pessimist but it seems that just clearing the area of illegal fish pens can’t be done. They’ve created a special group that reports directly to the president but still nothing solid has turned up in the past decades. Now that everything is back to normal, so is our government agencies’ complacency.

Muntinlupa’s lake shore area is the longest in Metro Manila. Very few people could imagine that a lake now polluted and clogged with an endless wall of baclad and fish nets had been the route of a ferry system that takes people and goods around the shoreline towns.

Well, there is good news as the City Government of Muntinlupa has developed the “Baywalk” area into a an impressive school and park complex. I believe this took place 3-4 years ago. Muntinlupa has seen rapid growth and development under the young Mayor San Pedro. I’m not endorsing him, but I would like to see him win.


5 responses to “Muntinlupa’s Lakeshore Back to Normal

  • pransisem

    Salamat Kuya! Sana di nakakahiya at ok lang, just in case. 😀

  • De AnDA

    GGR – I would like to read that book. I’ve long wanted to read about the steamships and other modes of traveling in Laguna de Ba-y.

    Pepe – GGR is proposing an afternoon merienda instead. Looks like he’s busy.

    Pransis – Sure, you’re are welcom, when this LB trip pushes through I’ll send you a message in FB. History is everywhere, it’s just waiting to be uncovered…

  • pransisem

    Wow! Sana mameet ko rin kayo in the future, mga Sirs!

  • Pepe

    Arnaldo and I are planning to see you this Saturday. We will tag along José Miguel. We will go to Los Baños, La Laguna (in Paciano Rizal’s house). We have a lot of things to talk about.

  • Guillrmo Gomez Rivera

    I have an old book from 1875 UN VIAJE A TAYABAS by Alvarez ‘Guerra and the description of Laguna De Baí there is romantic. We should also plan a trip by ferry by the Pasig River going to laguna de Ba-y. Abrazo. GGR

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