Cavite Coastal Classic Ride

Slow ride...take it easy!

More than twenty years ago, back when public transportation going to Cavite were not as extensively established, you have to ride these colorful mini buses somewhere in Coastal, near Baclaran, going to the old towns of Cavite.

They made an impression on me, (well, I was an impressionable kid) because these buses were pieces of art in my eyes. Seating capacity was more than that of a jeep and though the ride was a bit stiff,  for a child it was a fascinating time.

An OFW Uncle once owned one of these minis. It plys the Novelata – Kawit part of the province. I never got to ride it but I remember its unique interior design. They made it look like a Christian chapel, inside you’ll see many bible verses painted on the ceiling. The seats were painted teal and it roars like a big truck.

Cavite's classic mini bus rides...

The ride that I enjoyed the most are those “Slow Rock” themed ones. Where you’ll see posters of Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Deep Purple stapled on the ceiling – they remind me of rock studios where you do rehearsals back in the high school years. Some even have portraits of rock icons painted inside and out. The deafening sound system completes the deal. Imagine all of this while you travel the coastal area of Cavite.

Last Sunday, I was strolling down memory lane, when I rode one of these old timer’s in Bacoor near SM. I was headed to Kawit. I was smiling all the way through because the damn thing haven’t changed at all.

The best part of the ride is hearing the old “slow rock” tunes being played on the radio!

Foghot’s Slow Ride in the background…

The whole time, I was time traveling!


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