Church of Sacred Heart

Just outside C of SH

Just outside C of SH

Last December during one of those quick xmas getaway to Singapura we attended mass at Church of Sacred Heart in the museum planning area near the Dhoby Gaut station. Sacred Heart is Vincentian. It has received large donations from rich Chinese that had in mind the Cantonese speaking Catholics living in the area. It was completed in early 1900’s.  Catholic Chinese in Singapore are among the most devout and conservative religious in this part of the world.

We had a hard time locating the church, said to be the most beautiful in all of Singapore, because we don’t frequent the area. The address, 111 Tank Rd., is not far from the MRT station but it hides behind the tall skyscrapers in the area that it’s not easy to spot. Tank Rd is short road and not popular, at least to the bystanders we troubled with questions for directions.

The façade is very well preserved, complete with original old plaques and markers. Although the interior I believe has undergone numerous restoration work, the church has maintained much of its old character. This is one of those things that I really wanted for our churches here, churches that are older, by hundreds of years, needing the same attention, if not more.

The mass by the way was in English. I saw many Filipino families, some even brought their babies with them. What I find interesting was the choir, it’s a band actually that plays Catholic mass songs with a touch of country rock. I’m used to our brand of singing but hands down to them, their music makes the mood joyful. Here in ‘pinas we’re used to seeing these type of bands on tv, with those Christian sects airing their activities.

So, there, drop by SH if you’re in town.


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