Out of School Youth Restoring Historical Sites?

Wow, this I gotta see! (read here)

I’m already planning a day to meet these kids and get inspired. This is awesome.

Very good job for the organizers – NCCA and the Spanish Embassy.

In other developments. This time in Cebu. Argao’s heritage warriors’ suffered a great lost with the death of Teddy Villarimo.

(Read here)

In the same article I read that Todd Lucero, author of Argao 400, considered the foremost expert in local town history, decided to move to Davao, citing personal reasons.

All of these, I’m sure, would have some effect on Argao’s heritage conservation programs. The group had some success and I know that the rest will continue on fighting the good fight. These people are staunch defenders of saving Argao’s treasures, a beautiful southern town with its Spanish and American relics, houses and buildings, in tact.

I wonder if the Parish Priest of Argao, the man who desecrated the church, is still there. Its ironic that the good ones are gone but the bad eggs, well, they remain.


2 responses to “Out of School Youth Restoring Historical Sites?

  • De AnDA

    Sad, this man, together with Lucero are undeniably the best heritage conservationist in Cebu, with their groud, they were really instrumental in maintaining the old character of Argao. The same can be said of the group in Boljoon and Oslob.

  • Traveler on Foot

    This is sad news nold. We met Ted on our first visit to Argao. He was very accomodating and such a nice person.

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