May’s First Sunday

Woke up at around 9 in the morning, washed some clothes then slept again only to be awaken by the commotion outside, there was boxing and it was so damn boring, so I slept again after watching a couple of rounds. Woke up around the afternoon time, went to church, went home after and slept again. Not really a productive day when there’s excessive napping. Another wasted weekend.

I was out of myself lately that I lost sense of time and space, didn’t even know what date it was. I just found out that it’s already May and that there’s already a sequel to Iron Man. Tired body, tired mind – there really is no escape in this cruel life of mine ^^

May 1 is the liturgical feast of Saint Peregrine. The St Peregrine parish in Tunasan has been my spiritual community, although I’m hardly ever active, for the last decade and guess what, I forgot about this event too!

I’m concerned that I’m getting to that age in life where you begin to constantly worry about money and you fear that opportunities are passing you by. Not good as this usually means a person is not enjoying life.  This paranoia could mark a person’s downfall or it could also work well as it prepares you for what life will bring. Of course no body’s sure of anything in this world so we all should try to keep our minds at rest.

Perhaps my dark mood these past few days can be attributed to the books I’ve been reading, books that are normally considered delusional and crap, books that only mad people would read. I’m referring to Conspiracism or better known as Conspiracy Theory literature. It has this depressing effect in you, makes you feel that the world is falling down. But some of these stuff are conspiracy no more – they’ve been confirmed true and those who were dismissed as nothing but fanatical people are now appearing to be prophets. I’ll be writing some here soon once I start feeling good. For the meantime, I better cut back on this reading before I start scaring people.


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