I Want to Ride my Bicycle!

Iglesia y Convento de Dasmarinas y mi bisecleta de montaña nueva

I’m joing the green revolution! I’ll try to ride bicycles for short distance destinations (4-8 km’s) instead of commuting. Pollution has been terrible, in large part because of emission from public and private vehicles. Sure, me riding a bike would hardly have any impact but what’s important is that we see that there are ways, little as it may seem, we have to change individually, it has to start there. No, I’m not completey deserting motorized, fueled vehicles, they dominate public transport and of course, no one can travel hundreds of kilometers by pedal, yes, its possible but let the atheletes do what they are being paid to do. So no tour of Luzon for now.

I tested my stamina today, destination: Dasmarinas – and failed miserably, as I surrender to the heat and fatigue. I was so tired that even my fear were unable to make me realize that I’m too far from where I started! So after going around Dasmarina’s “bayan”, I decided to look for a van that will bring me home. So, I ended up at the back of this huge van – a smoke emitting vehicle!

So much for my little bicycle advocacy!

I’m so tired now that I have nothing in my mind to say – and Dasmarinas is a storied place and not without it’s controversies during the revolution. Every single part of my fat body is aching, joints are hurting. “That’s good”, my Father said, he then reminded this man,  “you need a healthier lifestyle!”.



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