Iloilo River

The Iloilo River and its tributaries divide the Iloilo delta into districts: north is Jaro, northeast is La Paz and southwest is Molo; northwest is Mandurriao. Jaro is the gateway leading the interior towns and eventually to Capiz. Mandurriao is another gateway, especially with the completion of a new highway that bypasses Jaro. Molo leads to the coastal towns Arévalo, Oton, all the way to a fork that leads to Antique and Aklan to the north. (source: Panublion)

The river is remarkably cleaner compared to the other major rivers I’ve seen around the country. One of the reasons why it is still in good condition is because of the absence of illegal settlers along its bank, which was rather surprising considering that Iloilo has been center of economic activity and social life in this province for hundreds of years. Although there are visible traces of pollution, the river is alive – visible in this photo are the mangroves that still thrives on its shores.

Photo taken from the Inn where the blogger stayed

Ciudad de Iloilo

July 2010


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