Joey Velasco, Heartist dead at 43

We lost a great artist last Tuesday. Joey Velasco, the man who painted with his “heart” died of complications from his long time ailment. He was only 43.

I’m a great fan of his art for long time (after seeing his story on tv) I was fortunate enough to meet Joey last year during his art tour of Cebu. People lined up to see his popular works but very few recognized Joey who was at that time with a Salesian Father. He was a “proud Bosconian”, he told me that day.

He called himself an “heartist”, he believes in using his talent to help the poor. Without any formal training, this self-thought artist has dedicated the last years, in his view the most productive years of his life, painting so that he can give back to the community.

Not only was he a great artist, he was a kind and generous person, he was indeed a true “heartist”.

God bless you, Joey.


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