East Coast – Singapore

East Coast with its white sand beach and a tree laden park.

A great time was had strolling along the east coast park last Tuesday located in the southeast part of the island’s coast. I noticed these colorful doves and other kinds of birds around that did not mind our presence at all. I’ve never heard of east coast park before but I was told that it’s the largest park in Singapore. For a country that is often portrayed as a small busy city it feels so vast and expansive. Old timers who had been in the island for decades confess that they sometimes still get lost finding their way around.

Exotic waddling birds along the coast

A happy Filipino family enjoying the breezy aftrenoon along East Coast

The government created a beach setting in this part of the island that was reclaimed from the sea in the 70’s. Nature blooms even if it area sits right a long the highway and near the airport. The whole nation manage best the little resource they have, this perhaps, is the single greatest character of this beautiful island state’s government. The beach of East Coast faces the area where ships are anchored, possibly waiting to upload or discharge their shipments. Fishing is allowed at some areas. I wonder what kind of fishes the anglers are catching – it reminds me of our Manila Bay where I once tried surf fishing some years back. In the 80’s Manila bay was still ok, my Father would bring us there during Semana Santa and tutor us to swim – of course I never took it seriously so I still can’t swim to this day! In the night time, the lights of the anchored ships are visible from the coast producing interesting effects and patterns, perfect for some night time photography. The bay walk is well lit and it has a lane dedicated for those who prefer biking. Joggers and bikers are a common sight, they grow in number when the weather is gets  milder in the evening time. The place is safe, the whole country is actually, I tempted to take a catnap in one of its hut cottages.

I saw billboards of the upcoming Youth Games Olympics, I wonder what event would be held in this part of the island. There was a restaurant that employs Filipino crew, their resto even had San Miguel beer banners. Speaking of kabayans, I saw a huge party of Filipinos in the beach. They were having a typical Filipino picnic. With caserolas of ulam and bags of snacks, they enjoyed the afternoon laughing and telling stories about the homeland. Indeed, it is true that a Filipino becomes more Filipino in a foreign land.

11 August 2010


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