Manila Hostage Ending – A Sad Day for ALL

While this blog is dedicated to my personal discoveries and experiences about the history of the Filipino people I would make an exception just for today. What happened yesterday was a tragic event for all of us. I would like to express my sympathies to the families of the Chinese Nationals who lost their lives in that long and painful struggle. I’m sorry for all your loss. May God give you comfort in these difficult times.

By at least what was shown on tv – which is just about everything – the horrible ending was inevitable. You just don’t expect a deranged man’s patience holding up for that long, especially after what he just saw on the tv inside the bus. Of course things would’ve been different if we played our cards right but we no longer have control over what has already happened,what we can influence is what happens now and in the future.

As for what went wrong, there are plenty of blame to go around. This is not the time to start playing the blame game. It’s time to repair our image and our beloved Filipinas. We know what’s wrong – we just saw, together with the world, everything live.

The implications of this embarassing blunder are far-reaching in terms of how we are seen around the world. We need to take measures to prepare and prevent something like this happening again and if something like this happen show the world that we can succeed. All these “investigations” will not help our cause to improve – we need reforms and we need it now.

I’m concerned about how our leaders are reacting to the aftermath of this terrible event – the Manila Mayor praises his police, while the Tourism Secretary goes on radio telling people that “bad things happen around the world”, now this is a cause for concern – these are not the time to be making alibis and praising mediocre exploits. We did a lot of wrong, now its time to make it right.


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