There Goes my 15 Minutes of Fame!

Yesterday while checking my inbox I came across an email from a GMA 7 representative. They wanted an interview – at first I thought it was some spam message. Turns out that they found an old article in this blog,“The Last of the Filipino Pilotaris”, and they probably thought of me as an expert of some sort in the ancient sport of Basque Pelota. Which of course, I am not. My memory of it comes from my father who was an avid follower and mananaya.

I had to decline the interview, not because I’m too good for it but because of work. Who wouldn’t want to have his 15 minutes of fame? But I must say that it was rather encouraging that some artictles here are at least being read by people outside what I call my inner circle, which consist of mostly relatives and close friends. I’m not even sure if the guys from my “inner circle” visit the site and read the stuff that I write because I suspect that most of them just try to increase my page hits – which I think is likely because some had already confessed doing it! Like it or not, you’ve got to appreciate the effort, right?

I was talking with Pepe Alas earlier and we were discussing the possibilities of earning from blogging. He’s got some friends who are already doing it. He believes that the internet presence of our blogs could be a potential source of income. I’m not really sold to the idea, first, I don’t think mine is that popular, second, I don’t know how the whole thing works – if someone can help me set it up, drop me a note! Earning from what you enjoy doing is a fascinating idea – not a lot of people get to do that.


10 responses to “There Goes my 15 Minutes of Fame!

  • estan

    i also declined their offer to interview since I was documenting the pelotaris two years ago 🙂

  • De AnDA

    @ Isabel – Well, maybe next time 🙂 you’re welcome!

    @ Pransis – Its cool but didnt work out

  • pransis

    Wow kuya, panalo ‘to sana.

  • Tia Isabel

    You should say “yes” to these things, Arnaldo. Or tell them, my dad was basically a fan and it was part of the atmosphere I grew up in, I can tell you about that at least. And let them decide. It’s still important for them to have that viewpoint.

    I don’t know a thing about the pelotaris but yes, they were one element of Hispanic Filipino life that continued for a long, long time, right? Up to the 1960s?

    At pamoso ka na, magaling ang blog mo. Kahit ang mga fotografia lang and kunsiderahin mo, tapos ang mga tema — istorya, arkiitectura… If you give an interview, they will say “Arnaldo who has a blog at ……” — o, may publicidad ka na rin.

    Syempre kung hindi ka sisingilin, kung walang bayad, oo ka lang ng oo!!! jajaja

    tia Isabel

    Post scriptum: Gracias por las flores. 😉

  • Bryan

    pre, kung makakasama mo si ehra madrigal o kaya si pauleen luna, aabangan ko iyan! 🙂

  • Pepe

    Eh pag quinuha cang guest host ng “Pilipinas: Win Na Win!”, ¿payag cá?

  • De AnDA

    @ Levi & Bry – I sent them an email, they will air the subject tomorrow, too late, but its cool. But I told them that I’m interested in a hosting job, possibly along w/ mike enriquez, if that ever comes up! hehehe!

  • Bryan

    Bro, give them a call. I really think that you have the chops for it. Share what you know for goodness’ sakes 🙂

  • Levi

    Sayang brotha, sana kinuha mo na… It’s not too late, give them a call!

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