Matabungkay Bay

A lovely couple staring at the picturesque Matabungkay Bay.

I’m not a big fan of beach resorts, especially crowded ones but we were lucky that the place was almost deserted when we visited. The accommodation was great but the beach was rock-strewn and was swarming with sealife: starfish, eels, urchins and sea moss. So I never got the urge to swim around (as if I can) the surf. But it was a great experience seeing all of that. When the tides are low, you can walk far and we did, together with some locals gathering sea snails for cooking.

The tide was extremely low exposing the bottom for about a kilometer. The Fortune Island can be seen at a distance. When MV Dona Paz sunk in ’87 it was said that some of the bodies of those who died reached teh bay.

The nature around the Matabungkay bay is perfectly suitable for scuba diving and photography, which at the time I was still very much into. Mornings were chilly but it was the best time to see the bay and its environs. It was a lengthy journey to Lian; we were battered with a long downpour somewhere in Nasugbu and had to slow down. But the exhausting driving was rewarded by bucolic scenes: hills, rural houses, coconut forests and an awesome zigzag road.


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