‘daɪəri: 23.10.10

Just before I went home Saturday morning I witnessed seeing two rainbows, one brighter than the other but both stretched far into the misty sky. I don’t know where else it was seen. Perhaps it is a sign of hope like what most Christians believe it to be. I like what the writer Ralph W. Emerson said about nature, that it “always wears the colors of the spirit”. Such sight provides a wonderful escape, a magical experience that makes you ponder on quite a few important things in your life even if only for a few moments.

Such beauty also serves as a great reminder, for me, of the honesty of nature in contrast with the insatiable greed of men.  I live in a world, I think we all do, where moving up the ladder and earning more money is a premise. Ambitions that drive most people to be cruel, pretentious and harsh – sometimes everything feels fake, staged and pointless.

I see in regularity individuals sucking up to the powers that be, but when their on their own, they profess their hate on almost everything that is being done. Its hilarious how people laugh and kid each other but after that curse one another. Everyone seem to be playing their own game. They are too conscious on how they look in front of other people, a bit to careful not to offend anyone, especially those that they know can give them a little raise or do them some favor, like a bone to a dog — they would perform tricks to get some.

I was disgusted with the news came this Saturday. The Supreme Court denied the Filipino Comfort Women’s request to oblige the executive branch to take their demand to the Japanese government. We can’t expect to be respected when we can’t even fight for our own. These Filipinos, most are in their twilight years, haven’t even gotten a formal apology from what was committed against them. WE HAVE TO DEMAND for this to happen.

Our government is afraid to lose the “support”, which means financial aid, and is contented be to silent because for them the “friendship” we have now with the Japanese is far more important than the dignity of their own people. This attitude of our leaders is not surprising, just months ago the president went back from his America with billions worth of financial aid. The man even boasted it as a “win” for his contingent. We are almost begging for just about everything – and we expect respect from the world? If we can go to foreign lands and beg for scraps, why can’t we have the same tenacity and dedication to seek justice for our own people?


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