Departure of Two Great Staff

I said good bye to two co-workers these past few weeks. I’m sure I’ll be seeing them again but they’ll be missed around the office.

The first to go was Pepe, a friend of seven years, we have known each other since the APAC days. He was the one who informed me about the company a year ago. At the time, I just came back from my Cebu stint and was planning to seat out the remainder of 2009 to rest. I joined the organization after a series of talks with his bosses. The position being offered challenged me. I have to scrap my planned hiatus.

I’ll probably drop by their house every now and then, as I’ve done for years specially during the holidays and other special occasions. Because of his departure, I’m left with no one to discuss Filipino history and other related topics with (which we usually do during lunch time!). To compensate on this longing for historical debates and discussions, which Pepe had supplied plenty, I noticed recently that I’ve been bringing some of my books to the office!

Jay ug Pepe

The other guy, Jay, I’ve known since my first day. He loves being the joker (with his awesome vocabulary of gay lingo) but he often ends up being the butt of the joke! He’s so funny, without him, there will be less entertainment for the US shifters. Without him around, we are forever deprived of his classic “hirit”.

Even when I’m managing  more than half of the time I am the student. Learning from all the things they do and the times they share working or just simply chatting with me.

There are a lot of fake smiles around and  those genuine like the ones that belongs to these guys will be greatly missed.

A million thanks guys!


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