Old DOH Builing in Filinvest Alabang

I was enjoying biking around Filinvest a couple of days ago when I decided to get close to the old Department of Health building. That white crumbling building near Asian hospital and BFAD. I’m sure it was once a great looking building. The style is art deco with a hint of Filipino architecture thrown in.

These types of building are becoming rarer and rarer. I remember the Skydome in Manila, shameleslly destroyed by Atienza’s administration, it was a great Manileno landmark. Too bad the place caught the attention of politicians that does not have a single cell of creativity in their heads. In Manila, there’s not a lot of these considering that this style was very popular then as it is American. This DOH building in Alabang is probably one of those that made it outside the big city. I took pictures ( posted here) of this place with some sadness as I want it to be remembered when its no longer there.

I found out that the left side of it is made a make shift house for their maintenance and security personnel but the building itself is no longer used. I was asked by the security guard not to get near the building as they have been instructed not to allow anyone in. I’m not even sure when the building was constructed but the antiquarian in me makes me feel sorry that it would eventually be destroyed to give way to new construction. If this building was in Miami, where art deco is worshiped as if it were some relic from the heavens, then there’s no need to worry about its place but this is Filipinas – these objects means nothing to most of us.

I really don’t know what’s the story of this building. I like Rizal’s “science over death” replica statue that stands in the front yard. The facade reminds me of the municipal hall of Sariaya. It would be really nice if we would all come to a point when instead of destroying we go for re-use. In the coming years, when this private corporation have decided what to do with this building (chances it they will bring it down) some of us locals here would wonder what ever happened to that white building with a statue of a naked lady standing on top a skull.

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