Sampaloc Lake’s Rainbow

There, finally, where the rainbow ends.

It is one of the most amazing things that can happen to us humans, finally discovering the answer to our childhood questions. Well, I know that I found something that has been around for eons but seeing the end of a rainbow brought me back to my childhood days. When your a kid you ask these questions, “nasan ba hangganan ng rainbow?”, clever adults would then tell you some made up stories or please your curiosity with the line “there”s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow” – the kind of answer they know would shut you up.

It took a chance visit to San Pablo’s biggest lake (the historic city have 7 all in all hence the “seven lake” title) Sampaloc for me to witness such a phenomena. People were awed by it but no one could be more fascinated than this little boy named Arnaldo. Its amazing what beauty nature can create. It left me speechless and I was stuck in deep thought: meron kaya talagang ginto sa katapusan ng bahag-haring ito!.


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