Malabon Church Renovations

What just happened here?

Nothing can be more offensive to a local heritage conservation advocate than reckless renovation made to old churches by idiotic parish priest’s. Priest acting like the church is their family villa. These terrible mistakes are bound to happen again and again until church leaders correct this behavior. Instead of taking care of our religion’s heritage our bishop’s are busy with publicity and politics.

Where are these people when you need them?

Malabon’s oldest church is victim of this so called improvements. These ghastly changes in our old churches has been happening forever.

Knowing the town’s history with floods I’m sure there are necessary improvements  but this time the renovation taking place is damaging the architectural features of the historical church.

Under construction means funds, funds and more. No doubt that after this costly renovation this church would look modern and contemporary, problem is that centuries old churches are not suppose to look like that.

Come on, painting fake bricks! what’s next graffiti art?

For sure, this renovation is costing the parokyanos a lot of money. Funds that could have been used elsewhere. Somehow these priest ignorance doesn’t make headline news. They should be made to answer for the consequences of their stupidity.

Moving on to the other significant house of worship in Malabon. The church of Concepcion on the other hand, appears to have suffered first. It to had been heavily renovated by the same priest. Some of our brethren have taste for making their old church appear like some spanking new structure. I like what this blogger said about these tastless changes, “making your lola put on a tube”.

Concepcion Church. The exterior maintains the original Augustinian design. It said that this church originally serve as vacation home for the Friars before it became a visita. The Catholic reclaimed the church from the Aglipays in a court battle that lasted for years during the American colonial years.

While there are necessary improvements that needs to be made, reconstruction and renovation must never undermine the historical integrity of a building.

You just can’t use Rizal cement and Dutch Boy paint here!

There’s a proper way of doing these things and when it comes to our centuries old churches, its best to consult the experts. These organizations,  both in the government and NGO sector (Ivan Henares’s organization is active in this area – even conducting lectures for priest I heard), are available but most of our parish priest are too stubborn, too stupid to even bother.

I was suppose to share some historical tidbits about these (still) beautiful churches – but my disgust got the better of me.  Anyway, other heritage bloggers had done better than I could manage. I would write a separate article about the town’s famous old houses.


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