Rolling to the right: School bound for the second time around?

I’ve been  contemplating for weeks now on whether to take up a course in aeronautics – all these thinking has been giving me sleepless nights. Well, days actually since I work the night shift. If this goes on, I could probably lose some weight, which I think is the good side. I have excess poundage on my gut I’ve been trying to get rid off for years! I have to decide soon or else I would have to wait for another term.

My fascination is more on the the process, the science of flight. The study, designs and creation of flight machines. I find all of these most interesting! And when I do fly,  if and when it happens,  it would be for the sheer pleasure of it. Not interested in living the life of a commercial pilot, I never was, I could imagine why it appeals to many people – there’s a certain glamor attached to the profession. For me, I wanted to work on planes – flying it is a good goal down the line but fixing it, opening it up, maintaining it, designing it is what will satisfy me really. I don’t mind if its a backbreaking job, I’ll do it for free.

My interest in aeronautics has grown with each passing year. It all started when I begun reading the books about planes, its evolution and its basic principles. I was already in college when I acquired this obsession. So it was a lil’ too late for me to shift courses, at the time, the other problem is that aeronautical courses and diplomas are not offered in my school. I didn’t bother taking up the idea to my brother, who was funding my education, transferring to another course would have pissed him off (after finishing my 3rd year in physical therapy I transferred anyway took up business administration and majored in computer management). So, ten years later, I work as a supervisor at some IT support company, doing what my schooling thought me to do. Lesson: be careful what you take up in college, you might really end up doing it for a living!

Another interesting question is that if (and this is a big IF) I finished an aeronautical course, what’s next? I don’t think that Filipinos who takes up aeronautical courses dreams of making big bucks here, I mean those who study in flying schools (their parents spends milliones!) can dream of that since they end up in those sleek white uniforms flying those damn gorgeous flying machines but for most aeronautical students who would later work on servicing planes on the hangar, I don’t think they do. Siguro kung nasa abroad pa oo. I know a man who graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and is now working for a BPO. The guy struggled to find work in the airplane biz and I think there are many pilots now that are having difficulty finding vacancy. So what is in it for me? Nothing other than learning more. I know, that sounds crazy. Will I make a career out of it? I don’t know. Maybe.

One of my grandfather (on the father side) was an aviation pioneer. First man to have ever completed a flight from Manila to Madrid (during the time of Prez Quezon). It was an amazing feat he achieved with another fella. It was nice to find out that someone in the family had made a name in the field. A major road was renamed after him (but since I’m against changing old street names, for cultural and historical reasons, that wasn’t cool for me). I’m proud of this man who I found out from pictures looking exactly like my father. I’m sure he was a great man but I never met anyone from his side of the family. We lost contact with most of our Negrense family since my father went here in Manila. My brother, who now resides in HK, met the pilot son by chance while he was in a bank. When the bank lady called the apelyido which they both shared, the two men simultaneously stood from their seats, my brother was the person being called, the pilot guy went back to his seat and approaced my brother later. Not sure what they spoke about but its strange how you bump into long lost relatives. I’m sure Dn. Antonio had something to do with that chance meeting.

Speaking of flights, during one of my flights en route to my other home, I took this video of the Taal and its environ. The volcano has been in news recently because of its irregular, or normal as it is a living volcano, activity which alerted many groups particularly those living in the area. I hope the tiny volcano won’t unleash her fury anytime soon, not now, because a major eruption would be very cataclysmic to us here in the south. Add to this is that we probably won’t see “tawilis” available for sometime in the mercado, summer pa naman masarap isabay sa manga ang tinapang tawilis!


4 responses to “Rolling to the right: School bound for the second time around?

  • Pepe

    Oh, sorry. I thought you were referring to baldie. But that foreigner is still not a guy. He’s got no b@lls to tell the truth. 😀

  • Pepe

    “…I know a man who graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and is now working for a BPO. The guy struggled to find work in the airplane biz…”

    That aeronautical-engineer-turned-BPO-chief jerk is not a man at all but a massive pile of white excrement who does not need to struggle in telling lies. He does not know the meaning of FAIRNESS, TRANSPARENCY, and JUSTICE. But in fairness to him, I still wish that he still pursue his dream of flying. But the only flying that he’ll ever do will be to fly a plane straight to the pits. Fail, LOL!!! 😀

    • De AnDA

      @ Pepe – Wait,no that;s a different guy. The one you’re referring to is a foreigner, he studied as pilot, he does not have a degree/diploma in aeronatical eng. My friend is a Filipino through and through.

  • Levi

    Never too late for anything of learning brotha!

    Great field of study you find there, we need great minds for the future on this field. Aviation is infinite, sky definitely is the limit!

    Goodluck brotha!

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