The Filipino’s Pope: Beato Juan Pablo II

I was glad to see the local coverage for Pope John Paul’s beatification. Occasion’s like this reminds me that majority of our people are still proud and conscious of their Catholics roots.

The Pope visited Singapore in 1986 and celebrated mass. They recently found the chalice and vestments he used. These now relics were missing for years. This bronze statue was erected to commemorate the Pope's visit.

Recent issues like RH Bill has divided many Catholics. Although I’m against it I acknowledge that there are countless Catholics around the country that supports the bill. They consider the great advantages it offers the poor folks. Their intention is without a doubt, good.

The thing is that RH bill is an approach that points the finger on the marginalized portion of our society. Our government must own up for their failures and right them.

The bigger issues of corruption and mismanagement are being swept under the rag here. We are being conditioned to believe that the poor jobless man with a big family, unemployed and living in a house on stilts over the river is the reason the country is struggling.

Over population (a myth for me) is not the cause of our problems, politics is.

If a poor couple wants to learn about their reproductive health concerns, all they have to do is go the local health center and get a professional health worker to attend to them – yes,  accessible public health service, this is what needs to be strengthen – AND this needs implementation and management not new laws.

Poor couple won’t even go to health centers to give birth. They rather give birth inside their cramp shanties with the help of the kumadrona. The question is why they avoid public hospitals?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Why do we need this bill? do we really need more and more laws?

Blaming overpopulation distracts us away from the real cause of poverty.

The tough task is on the leadership of the Church to persuade these Catholics to support the opposition of the Church against the bill – the trouble is that Priest’s , Bishop’s and Cardinal’s has been beating the drums outside the church, picking to fight it off in the “media”. Some has even openly challenged politicians with threats of excommunication. This has been unpopular to those who are not completely convinced that the Church is right.

My message to our Catholic leaders: Educate those who go to mass first, make them understand why the Church is contesting the bill – make supporters out of them.

Those people who oppose the church and its ideas are bolstered to continue discrediting the Church as “pakialamero” on state issues – this is the reason why the battle needs to be brought back inside the churches and small Catholic communities.

I hope that the newly beatified servant of the Church, Pope John Paul II, a spiritual leader very close to us Filipinos – continue to guide the local church, its leaders and its faithfuls.


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